Hand-Held DSO/DMM has 50 Ms/sec sampling rate.

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Battery operated Model S2405 provides users with 2-channel, multifunction DSO/DMM with 5 MHz bandwidth and 50 mV to 500 V vertical sensitivity range. Portable scope/meter has DSO section with 8-bit resolution and record length of 512 bytes for single shot/glitch capture and 256 bytes for other modes. As 4,000 count DMM, unit offers built-in auto/manual ranging as well as measurement capabilities. Equipment includes an RS232 port with software.

Original Press Release:

New, Hand-held 5 MHz DSO/DMM from Protek

Allendale, NJ ... The advanced design Model S2405 is a battery operated, lightweight, dual channel multifunction DSO/DMM from Protek Test and Measurement with a 5 MHz bandwidth, 50 Ms/Sec sampling rate (single) and 50 mV sensitivity.

This latest in a series of portable scope/meters, has a DSO section that features an 8 bit resolution with a record length of 512 bytes for single shot/glitch capture along with 256 bytes for other modes. Capable of saving up to 16 waveforms and setups in memory, its vertical sensitivity ranges from 50 mV to 500V in 1-2-5 order with 600 VDC or AC RMS maximum input voltage. Standard equipment includes an RS232 port with software.

As a 4000 count DMM, designed to UL 3111, CSA C22.2 No. 1010 standards, this accurate instrument incorporates built-in auto/manual ranging and other advanced measurements. Among these are: DCV/ACV, Ohms, frequency, RPM, pulse width, continuity and duty cycle. An easy-to-use front panel contributes to operational simplicity.

Selling price for the Model S2405 is $399, list. It is complete with a 4.8V NiMh battery pack with a 120V to 9V @ 1 Amp DC battery, both standard, RS232 cable, software, test leads, holster, AC/DC charger and carrying case. Weight is 1.5 lbs and size is 3.5" W x 7.5" H x 1.57" D. The Model S2401, a 1 MHz unit is similarly equipped and sells for $325, list.

Availability is through Protek's nationwide distribution network. Further details and specifications are available on request. Contact Protek at (201) 760-9898, e-mail: protektest@protektest.com or visit the Protek website at www.protektest.com.

Protek Test and Measurement, a division of Cigma Technologies, Inc., is a major producer of electronic test and diagnostic instruments for a variety of uses and maintains full technical and engineering support along with after sales service through its network of dealer distributors and from its NJ headquarters.

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