Hammond Manufacturing's Modified High and Mighty Cabinets are UL/CSA 4/4X Approved

Hammond Manufacturing has extensive in-house modification capabilities that enable its well-established standard product families to be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications. Recent examples are taller 90 inch versions of the two door, floor standing 1422 and HN4FM series and the single door freestanding 1418 and HN4FS series, all available in either painted mild steel or 304 or 316L stainless steel construction. The custom 90 inch high painted steel models are agency approved to UL/CSA Type 4 and the stainless steel versions to UL/CSA Type 4X.

Several recent applications have been satisfied with the modified taller enclosures. In a typical example, large variable speed drives in a water treatment plant required more control equipment than could be accommodated in the standard 72 inch tall cabinet; the 90 inch version provided the additional space required. In general, the greater complexity of today’s electrical equipment required more control and monitoring equipment, and with floor area a costly asset, going upwards makes best use of the space available. The greater surface area of the taller cabinets also improves conduction, which reduces required cooling capacity, thereby saving initial cost and ongoing energy needs.

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