Half-Bridge MOSFET Modules come in ISOPLUS i4-PAC(TM) packaging.

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Providing drain to source breakdown voltages of 100, 150, and 200 V with drain current ratings from 17-54 A, FMP module combines P- and N-Channel MOSFETs configured in phase-leg or half-bridge topology with common drain arrangement. FMM module is comprised of 2 N-Channel MOSFETs and offers drain to source breakdown voltages of 200, 250, 500, and 600 V with drain current values of 12-33 A. Modules suit applications implementing heat sink grounding techniques.

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IXYS Introduces Half-Bridge MOSFET Modules in ISOPLUS i4-PAC(TM)

Milpitas, CA, January 14, 2009 - IXYS Corporation announces the release of half-bridge MOSFET modules that are available in IXYS' proprietary ISOPLUS i4-PAC(TM) packaging. These modules provide unsurpassed thermal performance and temperature cycling capabilities making them ideal for applications implementing heat sink grounding techniques. These devices are also suitable for designers who seek isolated half-bridge configurations integrated into one single package avoiding the use of multiple discrete devices thus promoting critical board layout space savings.

The i4-PAC(TM) is a UL recognized isolated package incorporating a direct copper bond (DCB) ceramic isolator which provides 2500Vrms isolation with superior thermal performance. In comparison with conventional package housings, the ISOPLUS i4-PAC yielded as high as a 45% decrease in thermal resistance. These modules exhibit excellent switching behavior due to low inductive current paths as dice are located within one package. An additional feature includes a reduction in EMI emissions due to the low coupling capacitance between die and heat sink. These half-bridge modules take full advantage of proven technology platforms commonly implemented in both the IXYS Trench and Polar discrete MOSFET product families.

These new modules are currently available in two configurations. One configuration (part number prefix denoted as FMP) combines carefully selected P-Channel and N-Channel MOSFETs configured in a phase-leg or half-bridge topology with a common drain arrangement. An added benefit from this configuration is the elimination of gate drive circuitry normally required in driving an N-Channel MOSFET on the high-side of a phase leg, resulting in a component count reduction, thus improving drive circuit simplicity, space savings and over-all component cost. The other configuration (part number prefix denoted as FMM) is comprised of two N-Channel MOSFETs situated on both the low and high side of the phase leg.

The Dual N-Channel FMM modules are capable of accommodating drain to source breakdown voltages of 200V, 250V, 500V and 600V with drain current values from 12 amperes to 33 amperes. The P&N FMP modules are available to support applications requiring drain to source breakdown voltages of 100V, 150V and 200V with drain current ratings from 17 amperes to 54 amperes.

A broad range of applications stand to benefit from these new half-bridge MOSFET modules. These applications include DC/AC motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, switch mode power supplies, solar/wind power inverters, synchronous rectifiers, industrial battery chargers, Class AB audio amplifiers and multi-phase DC to DC converters. Initial device offerings include part numbers: FMM60-02TF, FMM50-025TF, FMM22-05PF, FMM22-06PF, FMP26-02P, FMP36-015P, and FMP76-010T.

Additional product information may be obtained by visiting IXYS website at ://www.ixys.com, or by contacting the company directly.

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