Half-Bridge Driver offers 6 A peak output drive current.

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Model IX6R11 surface mount IC is optimized for high power, high frequency gate drive applications up to 650 V and 1 MHz. It drives large MOSFET and IGBT die sizes at higher frequency without need for additional discrete output transistors. Unit has 50 V/ns dV/dt noise immunity and 200 V negative voltage transient immunity. Chip enable signal is provided for controlled shutdown along with high and low side under voltage protection.

Original Press Release:

IXYS Introduces New 650V Half-Bridge Drive IC Technology for Power MOSFETs and IGBTs Offering Superior Performance

Santa Clara, CA, June 11, 2003 IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: SYXI) announces the release of the IX6R11 Half-Bridge Driver; the first surface mount IC optimized for high power-high frequency gate drive applications up to 650V and 1MHz. The IX6R11 uses an innovative architecture to provide superior performance and 6A peak output drive current, three times the rated output current of the closest competitive device. The design of the IX6R11 gives enhanced fault tolerance and reliability, with improved efficiency and cooler operation for power conversion applications using MOSFETs or IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration.

"For IXYS, the IX6R11 represents another technology breakthrough. In the development of this product, our design staff developed a method of using standard low cost CMOS processes to meet the drive and high-end performance needs for high voltage ICs, such as the 1X6R11 Half-Bridge Driver. The design team's approach removed the cost barriers inherent to typical High Voltage IC (HVIC) processing, while also eliminating many of the noise and other performance issues that are encountered with most current monolithic floating drive ICs.", added Nathan Zommer IXYS CEO.

The IX6R11 provides the highest peak current and the lowest power dissipation in the industry, enabling the drive of the largest MOSFET and IGBT die sizes at higher frequency without the need of additional discrete output transistors and components. According to Dan Schwob, IXYS Sr. VP Marketing, "We wanted to compliment our broad offering of higher power MOSFETs and IGBTs with a family of robust Half-Bridge Driver ICs that will improve efficiencies and lower gate drive complexity. These products will find extensive use in next generation motor control drives, IT/Telecom Power Supplies, UPS's, Class D Audio and the emerging Plasma Display Panel Market. The IX6R11 is the first in an expanding family of Bridge Driver ICs with superior cost, efficiency and noise immunity."

The IX6R11 has 50V/ns dV/dt noise immunity and 200V negative voltage transient immunity, 8 times that of existing competitor half-bridge drivers. Additionally, a 'chip enable' signal is
provided for controlled shutdown along with high and low side under voltage protection. Other performance advantages include extended voltage range of operation, and extended temperature
operation from -55°C to +125°C.

The IX6R11 is also the first Half-Bridge Driver with a "heatsinkable" surface mount package option (X6R11S6, 18-Pin SOIC-CT) with 3°C/W thermal impedance, capable of handling 42W
dissipation at a case temperature of 25°C. The more traditional 16-pin SOIC (IX6R11S3) is also offered. Samples for both package versions of the IX6R 1I are currently available


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