HAEWA Launches New 'Blind' Cable Gland PERFECT FIX

Haewa Corporation in Duluth, GA, well known for their high quality, competitively priced electrical cabinets & enclosures, started a cooperation with the German manufacturer of cable entry systems, Jacob GmbH. The products are stocked in Haewa's 20,000 sqft facility in GA.

The flagship of this new offering is a new, patented cable gland design that does not require rear access. The Perfect Fix has an integrated nut that secures the gland from the front with a left-turn thread, thus making the installation more convenient while saving time and installation cost. In addition, the space requirements inside are minimal!

For additional information on Haewa's comprehensive line of high quality, competitively priced enclosure products, pendant arms, cable glands, tools and accessories, please check out our on-line Info-Center at www.haewa.de/us/contact/info-center.html or contact:

Haewa Corporation
3764 Peachtree Crest Drive
Duluth, GA 30097
TEL: (770) 921-3272
FAX: (770) 921-2896
TOLL-FREE: (800) 783-4239
E-mail: info@haewa.com
Website: www.haewa.com

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