H&F Unitrex Panels Perform in Dramatic Temperatures Ranging from -30°F to 260°F

Unitrex is a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panel designed for roofing and siding in Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural applications. Unitrex's features and benefits make it the ideal building product. Unitrex panels will perform in dramatic temperatures ranging from -30°F to 260°F. Unitrex panels have a non-combustible Flame Spread Rating of 6. They will not rust or corrode like metal, or bloom like fiberglass panels. In addition, Unitrex Panels are resistant to harmful UV radiation, and they will not turn yellow or brittle over time.

The virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panel is light weight and easy to handle, but don't let that fool you. The powerful polycarbonate material stands up to vandalism, equipment damage, weathering, and chemical corrosion. Unitrex panels do not conduct electricity which attracts damaging and dangerous lightning to your building. And best of all, Unitrex panels look great, improving your property's value and aesthetics, all at a very competitive cost. The panels range from glass-clear to fully opaque, in several different profiles.

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