Guillotine Damper provides 100% gas isolation.

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Able to withstand extreme operating conditions, fully bonneted Flex-Seat(TM) Damper features self-cleaning rack-and-pinion drives that provide blade transfer, even under corrosive and debris-laden service conditions. Drives positively propel blade in both directions, eliminating possibility of mechanical binding. Self-cleaning perimeter seal consists of flexible metal seal covering solid convex seating surface that provides back up seal.

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Wahlcometroflex Announces Flex-Seat(TM) Guillotine Damper

High-Performance Damper Provides 100 Percent Gas Isolation

WahlcoMetroflex, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of dampers, expansion joints and systems for isolating and controlling gas flows, announces its Flex-Seat(TM) guillotine damper for the isolation of gas flows in the most extreme operating conditions. This fully bonneted guillotine damper provides high performance and simplified maintenance to meet the needs of combustion and hot gas systems of all kinds, including power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, metallurgical smelters, steel mills and incinerators.

Self-cleaning and maintenance-free rack and pinion drives provide reliable blade transfer even under the most corrosive and debris-laden service conditions. The rack and pinion drives positively propel the blade in both directions, eliminating the possibility of mechanical binding that often occurs with chain driven mechanisms.

WahlcoMetroflex's Flex-Seat guillotine damper achieves 100 percent isolation by utilizing a complete system of complementary and redundant seals. The perimeter seal consists of a resilient flexible metal seal covering a solid convex seating surface that provides a back up seal. The solid seat significantly extends the life of the flexible metal seal by limiting seal deflection to less than an eighth of an inch.

The Flex-Seat perimeter seals are self-cleaning and durable and do not have cavities that can fill up with debris. Any ash or debris on the flexible seals readily springs off when the seals are engaged by the moving blade. Tight-closing, self-cleaning throat seals are available in internally and externally replaceable configurations to facilitate replacement in hard to reach locations without scaffolding or special platforms.

The WahlcoMetroflex engineered blade consists of structural frame and reinforced metal membranes that minimize thermal distortion and provide superior sealing and operational performance compared to solid plate designs.

About WahlcoMetroflex
With a 50-year legacy of providing robust equipment for isolating and controlling gas flows, WahlcoMetroflex has built a reputation as the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and service of a broad range of high performance isolators, dampers and expansion joints. The first company to develop a diverter larger enough to handle the new generation of industrial gas turbines, WahlcoMetroflex serves the utility, power generator, industrial, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, and cement industries. WahlcoMetroflex also supplies complete gas handling and conditioning systems that incorporate those critical elements. For more information about its complete line of products, contact WahlcoMetroflex at 207-784-2338 or visit its Web site at

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