Guillotine Cutter operates at high cycle rates.

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SMARTKNIFE(TM) is equipped with embedded microprocessor and control package that allows knife to achieve cycle rates exceeding 400 cuts/min. Pneumatically-operated with self-contained air cylinder/manifold/solenoid, compact guillotine cutter operates quietly and is simple to install.

Original Press Release:

AZCO Corp. Introduces SMARTKNIFE(TM)

AZCO Corp. has recently introduced the latest patent-pending technology in a modular guillotine cutter. The AZCO SKC-series SMARTKNIFE(TM) has taken the proven design of the popular AZCO Sur-Cut knife assembly and maximized its efficiency.

The SMARTKNIFE(TM), with a patent-pending technology making it operate at a high-cycle rate, features quiet operation and simple installation. Unlike traditional knife assemblies, the SMARTKNIFE(TM) has taken all the essentials of a knife assembly and integrated it into a compact package. All you need is an air supply and a signal.

The SMARTKNIFE(TM) is pneumatically-operated with a self-contained air cylinder/manifold/solenoid. You no longer need to spend the time or labor to install air lines, fittings, or sensors to control the knife position. The SMARTKNIFE(TM) is equipped with an embedded microprocessor and complete control package which allows the knife to achieve higher speeds than the standard guillotine can presently reach. With cycle rates exceeding 400 cuts per minute, this unit is bridging the gap between a conventional guillotine and a rotary knife assembly. Its compact size and low prices offers great flexibility over a rotary knife solution.

Fairfield, NJ-based AZCO has specialized in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for over 25 years, focusing on providing customers the benefit of targeted expertise, skills, and resources, along with proven components for each type of operation. The company is known for selling their popular standard units as well as modifying their products to provide custom solutions. AZCO offers reliable and simple-to-use equipment to help customers increase their productivity.

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