Guangdong Huaye Prepares for PETG Production with a Complete Biax Line from Parkinson Technologies

Turnkey Production Line Expected to Boost the Chinese Company’s Annual Output Value by $40 Million USD

WOONSOCKET, RI – January marked a milestone in the history of China’s packaging material industry when Guangdong Huaye Packing Material Co., Ltd. (Huaye) introduced to the public its biaxial-orientation PETG shrink film production line, designed and manufactured by Parkinson Technologies. The grand opening ceremony was attended by numerous dignitaries, business leaders, and industry associates including Parkinson’s President and CEO Peter Termyn, who addressed the crowd.

“New materials, technologies, and markets grow rapidly in China and we cherish the opportunity to enable that effort,” Termyn said. “Congratulations to Huaye, our esteemed customer, and we sincerely thank them for the opportunity to partner on this historical project. Parkinson Technologies offers its ongoing support, cooperation, and best wishes for continued prosperity to Huaye as it leads China’s packaging material industry to new levels of performance that will undoubtedly earn recognition and respect worldwide.”

PETG (polyethylene terephthlate glycol-modified) is a heat shrinkable film that combines high overall shrinkage with excellent printability and clarity. PETG resin is considered more environmentally friendly compared to other shrink films since it is fully recyclable. It also provides a high degree of contour, allowing the material to cover the entire body of end products. The demand for PETG shrink film has been steadily rising in recent years, with an average growth rate of 14.6%—and this growth is expected to continue.

Huaye’s new PETG production line is represented by all of Parkinson’s machinery brands with the inclusion of Marshall and Williams casting, MDO and TDO equipment, Parkinson Winders winding equipment, Key Filters continuous extrusion filtration equipment and Dusenbery Converting Systems. Its annual capacity is 8,000 tons, with an estimated material output value of 250 million RMB ($40 million USD) annually. It also features a zero-waste edge trim recycling system, praised by Huaye’s investors.

"It's been an honor to help Huaye bring world-class film production capabilities to its customers,” said Alman Chow, Regional Sales Manager for Parkinson. “This is an exciting and timely investment that will help the company reinforce its leadership in China’s packaging material industry.”

Parkinson Technologies is currently working with other Asian companies to bring new and innovative solutions to their PETG, OPS, and other specialty oriented film and sheet applications.

About Parkinson Technologies, Inc.

Parkinson Technologies, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of large-scale web handling, winding and plastics processing equipment. The company includes Key Filters screen changers, Marshall Williams brand orientation lines, Parkinson Winders, and Dusenbery® Converting Systems. With a world-class pilot plant facility, Parkinson Technologies also offers its customers complete flexibility to conduct plastics sheet/film extrusion and orientation RD and to produce commercially viable marketing samples. Parkinson’s customers include a broad range of companies, from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, all of whom demand innovative solutions to their web processing challenges.


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