GTP-32 Control Processor Simplifies Device Sharing

GTP-32 Control Processor Simplifies Device Sharing

Northridge, Calif: Routing GPI (General Purpose Interfaces) triggers around the facility may seem trivial, but it remains a go-to method for day-to-day device control. DNF Controls - the award-winning and acknowledged leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces - has an elegantly simple solution using the company's workhorse GTP-32 Control Processor.

"Despite advances in IP infrastructure and other control technologies, GPIs are a daily fact of life and won't be going away anytime soon," says Dan Fogel, chief technical officer of DNF Controls. "Take for example, routing GPIs from different control rooms to a studio, or vice versa, as [CNN] a major cable news network does to manage TelePrompTer feeds and 'on air' lights in their London bureau. a single key press delegates device control to Studio A or B, etc. and locks-out the others." DNF's Universal Switch Panel (USP-3) is often paired as the user interface, adding controls to change delay duration or to choose different "per show" configurations. "Combined, the GTP and USP are powerful and easily set-up without the need for a computer programmer - all the 'hooks' are accessible via a menu-driven Browser interface," added Fogel.

DNF's GTP-32 Control Processor is flexible and highly configurable. It can manage and monitor equipment in the same room, on another floor, in another building, across town, or across the globe, and delivers reliability in any infrastructure environment, from simple to mission critical. The processor simplifies, scales, integrates and applies conditional operator control and monitoring over a wide range of broadcast and production equipment with protocol options including GPI/O, Serial, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, HTTP, and SCTE.

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DNF Controls has been an innovator in the design and implementation of device control interfaces since 1990. The California-based company offers a wide range of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine solutions designed to meet the real-world device management needs of studio and remote broadcast, teleproduction and similar facilities. For additional information, please visit

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