Ground Rod Driving Tool features one-piece design.

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Made of 3 in. hot-rolled, heat-treated, hardened steel, Sluggo-Ox(TM) has 3½ in. deep bore and accepts 5/8 or ¾ in. ground rod, rebar, or other metal implements. Once implement is inserted into bore, sledge hammer is used to pound Sluggo-Ox, forcing metal rod into earth. Tool can then be removed and is ready for next application. Large striking surface helps prevent bodily injury and damage to sledge hammer, and yellow zinc chromate surface coating deters rust.

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The Ultimate Ground Rod Driving Tool

Sluggo-Ox(TM) is a revolutionary new tool. This state-of-the art, one piece, incredibly strong and safe tool delivers the kind of reliability to easily install 5/8" and ¾" ground rods, rebar and other metal implements. With 80% more striking surface not only is it safe but it reduces time and costs. All those in the electrical and construction industry swear by it and distributors are making it part of their inventory today.

This tool is made out of 3" hot rolled, heat treated, hardened steel that is durable, reliable and safe for any application. To deter rust Sluggo-Ox is coated with a yellow zinc chromate surface. Weighing only 7lbs it has a 3 ½" bore with a flat bottom surface. This surface helps to maintain the shape of the ground rod and provides easy installation of grounding clamps and connectors. It is unique in that it is a one piece, stand alone tool: users do not need other attachments to work with Sluggo-Ox and it can be used at any work site. It is the easiest and safest tool to use, helps to prevent bodily injury and damage to the sledge hammer.

How to use; Simply insert the 5/8" or ¾" ground rod, rebar or other metal implement into the Sluggo-Ox's 3 ½ " bore. Use a sledge hammer to pound Sluggo-Ox forcing the metal rod into the earth leaving ample length above ground to allow for attaching grounding clamps. Sluggo-Ox can them be removed and is ready for the next application.

All those in the electrical, construction, utility, wind and power, cable, Department of Public Works and military sites will find Sluggo-Ox a must have in their inventory

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