Ground Monitor System aids electrostatic system safety.

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Consisting of control unit, ground probe, and low voltage cable, GMS(TM) Ground Monitoring System provides non-contact method for detecting presence of ground path on non-metallic substrates, and includes visuals for precise feedback on ground path strengths. Improper grounding can cause overspray, excess paint build-up, thin film build, or ruined parts. By incorporating GMS into electrostatic finishing system, optimum performance and safety is ensured.

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ITW Ransburg Enhances Electrostatic System Safety and Performance

GMS(TM) Ground Monitoring System

ITW Ransburg is pleased to introduce the Ground Monitor System (GMS) to provide a non-contact method for detecting the presence of a ground path on non-metallic substrates. Improper grounding can cause overspray, excess paint build-up, thin film build or ruined parts. The GMS not only delivers a high quality finish, but also cost savings for your operation.

If a part, in an electrostatic system, liquid or powder, does not have a good path to ground, the transfer efficiency will be seriously degraded and quality issues could easily become a problem. By incorporating a GMS into an electrostatic finishing system, a system can monitor the presence of a ground path, ensuring requirements are being met and the efficiency of the system is at its optimum performance level, ensuring safety and quality.

The ITW Ransburg Ground Monitor System ...consists of a control unit, ground probe and low voltage cable. This unit incorporates user-friendly visuals for simple and precise feedback on ground path strengths. Versatility is always a factor in meeting our many customers' needs; this formulation is compatible with electrostatic systems, plastic or non-metallic conductive surfaces.

Most important our system meets the stringent safety requirements of Federal Mutual (FM).

Harold Ransburg first experimented with paint charging and surface grounding technologies in the 1930s, and patented the revolutionary electrostatic finishing process in 1941. Today, ITW Ransburg remains an industry innovator and serves the global liquid electrostatic spray-finishing marketplace from their headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.

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