Groschopp Inc. Announces Updated Conversion Tool for Speed, Torque and Power

SIOUX CENTER, IOWA- Groschopp Inc. has introduced an updated version of the STP conversion tool that quickly calculates speed, torque and power - available online and for download. STP (Speed, Torque and Power) Calculator began as an internal tool used by Groschopp engineers to select motors that would best match customer's specifications. "Because of the STP calculator's internal popularity we decided to make it available to everyone online" comments STP Calculator's mastermind, Ron Didier. "After a fair amount of study we realized it was easier to users to enter the two known values [speed and power, speed and torque or torque and power] instead of the one unknown value." The calculator will then calculate the unknown unit.

Since the calculator's initial release in 2007 Groschopp has offered two updated versions that now calculate current, efficiency and utility costs. Knowing the current allows a user to determine whether it is possible to achieve the power value needed with the source available. Supporting documents in the "help" menu of the calculator detail the ideal efficiency of a motor/gearmotor to show the advantages and disadvantages of various combinations.

This calculator is intended to be an engineering/product designer's tool which demands extreme accuracy. The STP calculator calculates decimals out to 7 or 8 digits for needed precision. Though Groschopp manufactures fractional horsepower motors this tool was designed to be very flexible to use with both small and large motors. The calculator allows users to select a range of precision, more decimal places can be added when high accuracy is needed and decimal places can be eliminated if less precision is needed. This tool is also useful in the college classroom setting.

There are several notable features in the updated STP calculator:

o This tool is a "free-ware" program with no obligations or registration necessary for online use or download at
o The calculations are done in "real-time" so as a user enters additional values the calculator updates the data - no need to hit the "enter" key.

o The STP calculator interface is now optimized for Windows 7 users with continued compatibility with older versions of Windows.

o The calculator allows a user to print a report of the input units and resulting data.

o Calculator easily adapts and converts various units of measure for hassle-free computing across international measurement systems. Users can calculate any number of configurations simply by choosing the desired input units. STP can convert speed to rpm or rad/s, torque to oz-in, lb-in, lb-ft, N-cm or N-m, and power to watts or HP.

o View the "How to use STP Calculator: Frequently Asked Questions" document for help using the downloadable calculator

For over 70 years, Groschopp Inc. has delivered expert technical assistance, superior product performance, quality-honed workmanship and industry experience in the manufacture of highly-engineered fractional horsepower electric motors and gear motors for OEM and distribution products. Groschopp offers a full line of AC, DC, brushless and universal motors that can be combined with right angle worm, planetary, right angle planetary or parallel shaft gearboxes. (An ISO 9001:2008 registered company.)

To learn more about Groschopp Inc. or their updated conversion tool, contact Jennifer Dorhout at 712.722.4135 or visit us on the web at: We're located at 420 15th St. NE, Sioux Center, IA, 51250-2100 USA.

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