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Grocery Counter Scale features touchscreen operation.

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Mar 23, 2012 - Along with full-color touchscreen, printer, and multi-interval weighing technology, Impact M provides multiple layers of preset keys that facilitate selection of appropriate product. Operator can also search for specific PLUs using key words, while graphical customer display can be used to show messages and graphics in order to promote specific brands, specials, and meal ideas. Also, non-member and member prices can be shown on customer-facing display.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc. - Greifensee, CHE

Original Press Release

METTLER TOLEDO Introduces Advanced Affordable Counter Scale

Press release date: Mar 22, 2012

METTLER TOLEDO has introduced the latest addition to its line of counter and backroom scales for the grocery industry, the Impact M. Improved operational efficiency, easy scale operation, and on-screen display promotions are just a few of the features offered with the Impact M, poised to decrease downtime and increase focus on the customer.

The Impact M is competitively priced and designed to meet a unique need in the market."The Impact M is faster to learn, easier to use and better for merchandising. It makes a great impression on customers," says Brian Hipsher, METTLER TOLEDO Retail Business Leader.

The Impact M is built on a history of robust and accurate design, and is equipped with new features that will carry it well into the future. In response to increasing demand from grocery retailers for improved operational efficiency, the Impact M was designed with a large, full-color touchscreen display that is easily configurable. Grocery store employees will quickly adapt to the Impact M with its multiple layers of preset keys, which make selecting the right product easy. In addition, the operator can even search for specific PLUs using key words. Easy scale operation means more time to focus on what matters most - the customer.

The fresh department is one of the few places in the store where the shopper is both making a purchasing decision and waiting to place and receive their order. Retailers can take advantage of this captive audience at the point-of-decision with the Impact M's graphical customer display, the largest in its class. Messages and graphics can be displayed to promote the retailer's brand, specials, and meal ideas. In addition, the perks of frequent shopper programs can be reinforced by including both the "non-member" and "member" price on the customer-facing display. The retailer's brand can extend from store to home by printing attractive eye-catching labels, using the Impact M's advanced printer.

Several features of the Impact M are designed to enable retailers to increase their margins. The scale's precise multi-interval weighing technology can potentially save 1 to 3 cents on each tare-based transaction, saving thousands of dollars per year for each scale. In addition, the inclusion of METTLER TOLEDO's remote servicing capability decreases a retailer's downtime by enabling software upgrades, scale configuration updates and more to be completed without an onsite service call.