Gripworks Offers Thermoformed Packaging As An Added Value Option

St. Louis, MO.; October 17, 2008 GripWorks now offers customers an added value feature to help send products directly to the retail shelves without the need for additional vendor processing.

GripWorks is a manufacturer of hand grips applied to hand tools. The manufacturers of these hand tools package their gripped product for shipment to retail stores. Imagine the complexity the manufacturer must go through after producing the hand tool in their own facility, ordering and receiving the grips, applying the grips, ordering and receiving packaging, then incurring labor cost to assemble the tools into the packaging. GripWorks can reduce that complexity, saving time and money.

GripWorks will accept the hand tool from the manufacturer, apply the grips, produce the packaging and prepare the product for distribution. The clear plastic packaging is a perfect fit to add value for customers. Clamshells, blisters and trays can be thermoformed to the customer's specifications. GripWorks is capable of working with multiple materials and thicknesses for the packaging option.

About GripWorks:

GripWorks is a division of Sinclair & Rush, Inc., one of the world's leading multi-processors of plastic components with six companies under operation: StockCap, Gripworks, VisiPak, Vynaflex, Castle Bay and Soffware. The company boasts manufacturing and distribution capabilities on a global scale with operations on four continents supplying over 20,000 customers. By offering products that provide a solution, Sinclair & Rush has earned the status as a premier supplier to some of the world's leading manufacturers. For more information, visit Sinclair & Rush's website at or call 636-282-6800.

Global Locations: North America, England, China, Australia, Mexico

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