Grip Material helps provide slip-free handling.

Press Release Summary:

Silicone-based egrips(TM) safeguard mobile phones, PDAs, and other handheld electronic devices from slipping out of users hands and breaking. Material resists peeling under wear and tear, does not absorb dirt or oils, and can be cleaned with damp cloth. Removable adhesive allows user to change colors and replace worn grips. Material can also be applied to sporting goods and assistive medical devices such as canes and walkers.

Original Press Release:

Stronger Material Enables More Applications For Slip-Free Grips

FT. WORTH, TX (April 6th, 2004) - Flexible Innovations Limited, a leader in the development of advanced materials, is announcing today a range of new materials and applications featuring egrips(TM) technology, a very thin silicone based product with unique features.

Launched in June, egrips(TM) are safeguarding mobile phones, PDAs, and other handheld electronic devices from falling and breaking by giving users a better grip. With egrips(TM) attached, devices don't slide out of users' hands or off the edges of slippery surfaces. The latest version of the product has more grip than ever and resists peeling under wear and tear. egrips(TM) now work with a wide variety of handheld devices including Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, portable CD and DVD players, remote controls, cordless phones, GameBoy units, GPS units, messaging devices, MP3 players, notebook computers, photography equipment, portable medical equipment, professional grooming products, scanners, and two-way radios.

The material can also be applied to sporting goods, such as the grips for tennis rackets, the facing for tournament ping pong paddles, golf clubs, and baseball bats; and it provides extra safety on bicycles, motorcycles, Motocross bikes, and scooters.

"Products featuring egrips(TM) technology offer a stronger grip, especially when one piece of the material is attached to a glove and another is attached to the handle of the object that's being gripped. Products featuring egrips(TM) technology work even better when you have two faces coming together with the same material," said Fred Antonini, developer of egrips(TM) technology. "The material provides optimum performance and safety."

Persons with arthritis or other disabilities can also attach egrips(TM) to canes, walkers, and other assistive devices that need to be held.

Flexible Innovations is working with OEMs to provide egrips(TM) technology materials customized for their products. Different colors, thicknesses, and durometers can be produced. Custom graphics are also an option.

Products featuring egrips(TM) technology keep objects from sliding out of users' hands, off their dashboard, around the car, or out of a purse or pocket. Phones and other devices feel better with egrips(TM). egrips(TM) do not absorb dirty or oils and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The removable adhesive allows users to easily change colors and replace worn egrips(TM).

Pricing and Availability
egrips(TM) for handheld electronics devices are available immediately and can be purchased in small quantities from for $9.95/$10.95. Flexible Innovations also invites retail and wholesale inquiries, OEM applications, and specialty advertising opportunities. All inquiries can be made via the contact page on the website.

About Flexible Innovations
Flexible Innovations Ltd. designs, develops, and delivers to market exciting consumer products. Established in 2002 by Fred Antonini and based in Ft. Worth, Texas, the company is built upon Antonini's 20-year experience working worldwide in the field of flexible materials, including work with Motorola, Compaq, Dell, HP and Iomega.

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