Grinding Wheels are continually sharpened.

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CIMFORM(R) MSB has abrasives that micro-fracture during use, creating new grinding surface, and thus constantly sharpening themselves. They are suitable for centerless, center-type, micro-centric, surface, surface/creepfeed, internal, tool manufacturing, and tool cutter applications. MILSPEX(R) educational software tool familiarizes user with grinding technology and processes. DATA PRIME(TM) software provides acquisition and analysis of grinding cycle data.

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Better Tools, Technology Optimize Grinding Process

CINCINNATI, OH - Milacron, Inc., reports that its CIMFORM(R) MSB grinding wheels have proven to outperform conventional aluminum oxide wheels by as much as a factor of ten. The reason: The company's patented MSB bonding systems feature abrasives that stay sharper than traditional fused aluminum oxide.

"These wheels set a new standard for performance and durability," says Bill Bennet, manager, Milacron Grinding Wheel Division. "MSB sol-gel abrasives micro-fracture during use, creating a new vital grinding surface, and thus constantly sharpen themselves.

Manufactured using Milacron's EGS technology (Engineered Grain Spacing), the wheels provide free cutting, longer wheel life, lower power consumption, ease of dressing and elimination of burn. MSB is ideal for centerless, center-type, micro-centric, surface, surface/creepfeed, internal, tool manufacturing and tool cutter applications.

MSB wheels wear in much smaller increments than conventional aluminum oxide wheels and actually improve in sharpness throughout their lifetime. Further, the wheels reduce heat build-up while providing faster metal removal rates.

"Performance generated by MSB wheels on most grinding operations exceeds Milacron standards by as much as 30 percent to 40 percent," says Bennet. "The result is more pieces per dress, improved part-to-part consistency and reduced diamond compensation while dressing."

Superabrasives. Bennet points out that Milacron continues its strong leadership in diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) technologies - the superabrasives. "Diamond is the hardest material known to man," he says, "and three times harder than its conventional abrasive counterpart, silicon carbide. CBN is second in hardness only to diamond and is twice as hard as its conventional counterpart, aluminum oxide. These materials are often referred to as the grinding media of the future. However, we've been working with these and other advanced engineering abrasive materials for a very long time. Our research focus now is on continuously refining these materials to provide an ever-increasing array of grinding solutions."

Diamond and CBN, due to their exceptional hardness and wearability, are said to significantly reduce grinding time and to help eliminate common problems like burn, part-to-part variation and excessive downtime due to wheel dressing - to say nothing of the cost efficiencies realized by their effective use.

Software. Supporting the above wheel technologies are Milacron-specific grinding software tools. MILSPEX(R) is an educational software tool designed to familiarize the user with grinding technology and processes and addresses basic issues such as matching wheel grades to specific applications. DATA PRIMETM provides acquisition and analysis of grinding cycle data. Bennet says that this program has been designed to optimize the grinding process through grinding cycle modeling. "By analysis and process optimization," Bennet says, "users can quickly acquire, move, and analyze data for specific periods of time and maximize grinding efficiency, speeds, feed rates and part quality."

Milacron, Inc., is the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of abrasive grinding wheels and services. In its Abrasive Development Laboratory, industry's top engineers and technicians develop new bonding systems and products for the ever-changing needs of the grinding industry. The company is also the world leader in fluid technology for the metalworking industry and a leading supplier of chemical management fluid services, or CIMVANTAGE(R), to help the metalworking industry manage metalworking fluids and reduce costs.

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