Grinding/Pulverizing Mill is suited for sample preparation.

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Featuring touch screen interface, removable control panel, and self-diagnostics, Model 6870 Freezer/Mill® can be used on samples that cannot be ground at ambient temperatures such as polymers, wood, bone, hair, rubber, and plant/animal tissue. It embrittles samples by immersing grinding vial in liquid nitrogen, and then pulverizes them with magnetically driven impactor. Applications include DNA/RNA extraction, diffraction studies of soft materials, and pharmaceutical research.

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SPEX SamplePrep Releases 6870 Freezer/Mill®

This model replaces the model 6850, it possesses state of the art electronics: touch screen interface, a removable control panel and on board self-diagnostics. These mills are used on samples normally considered difficult or impossible to grind at ambient temperatures: polymers, wood, bone, hair, rubber, plant and animal tissue, etc. The Freezer/Mill embrittles samples by immersing the grinding vial in liquid nitrogen, and then pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor. Low temperatures are retained throughout, preserving structural and compositional aspects degraded or volatilized during room temperature grinding.

The Freezer/Mill has unlimited applications,including preparation of samples for: DNA/RNA extraction from plant and animal tissue, recent or ancient skeletal material, trace-element analysis of hair, screening of asbestos containing materials, pharmaceutical research, diffraction studies of soft materials, food analysis, ceramics and glass and RoHS/WEEE applications, etc. Please contact our "grind" specialists to discuss your applications and to find out more about our free grinding and demo programs.

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