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Kronos L dual features 2-in-1 setup where workpiece is first ground between centers at material removal rate of 0.05-0.10 mm/min on dia. Workpiece is then released, and finish grinding takes place via centerless grinding between control wheel and workrest blade. Double-end supported grinding wheel spindle permits surface speeds up to 120 m/sec, and double-end supported regulating wheel spindle delivers up to 700 rpm. Granitan machine base provides vibration dampening and thermal stability.

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Kronos L Dual - Two Processes, One Machine

MAMISBURG, OH - United Grinding Technologies, Inc. (UGT) announces the introduction of a new addition to its Studer Mikrosa BWF Kronos Series of high-performance centerless grinders, the Kronos L dual.

The Kronos L dual offers an innovative design which permits the combination of two processes - centerless grinding and grinding between centers - in a single machine, in a single setup. The results are shorter cycle times, greater through-put and improved part quality due to reduced component handling and the elimination of multiple setups and operatioas. A reduction in cycle time of 45% is not unusual due to the higher material removal rates of the combined processes compared to grinding between centers alone, which is often limited by between-center grinding workpiece support systems.

The Kronos L dual offers an ideal solution for high-volume production of medium-, to large-sized precision shaft-type components - workpieces with a common center which becomes the basis for preceding and/or following process operations - such as crankshafts, camshafts, gear shafts and rotor shafts for electric motors.

The dual process
In the combined "2-in-l" process, the workhead and tailstock are installed between the grinding and regulating wheels immediately next to the fixed workrest blade. The workhead is equipped with a fully programmable workpiece driver. The work spindle is axially positioned via a CNC spindle drive. Tailstock support is controlled by a hydraulically activated sleeve, and workhead and tailstock are easily adjusted to appropriate workpiece length and diameter.

In operation, the workpiece is first ground between centers concentric to the center, at a material removal rate of 0.05 mm/min to 0.10 mm/min on diameter. After grinding between centers, the workpiece is released, and finish grinding takes place via conventional centerless grinding between the control wheel and workrest blade. This 2-in-l single setup provides outstanding workpiece stability, resulting in precise part-to-part process repeatability, close tolerances and superior surface finishes.

The Kronos family
The Kronos L dual is an extended, dual process version of the Kronos L and incorporates the latest in grinding technology, specifically aimed at dramatically reducing non-productive processing time.

The modular machine concept, which provides application-specific machine configuration flexibility, features a rigid Granitan machine base, which guarantees superior vibration dampening and thermal stability. A double-end supported grinding wheel spindle permits surface speeds up to 120 m/sec, and a double-end supported regulating wheel spindle delivers up to 700 RPM for shorter dressing times.

A fixed location grinding gap allows for fast cycle times and simple workpiece handling, since no additional compensation axis is required. Semi-automatic, fast grinding wheel change facilitates small-batch manufacturing.

The Kronos L dual features state-of-the-art Siemens digital control and axis drive components. Machine operation, setup, changeover, dressing and programming of even complex parts are easily accomplished through the innovative step-by-step Mikrosa Symbol Screen Technology. The Siemens Sinumerik 840D control package features application-specific software routines, Windows (TM) user-interface, integrated on-line help menus and extensive fault/error diagnostics. Remote diagnostics, process control and trouble-shooting via standard telephone line and machine modem link are easily facilitated.

The Kronos L dual is supported by an expert team of grinding specialists drawing on more than 14,000 centerless grinding machine installations and support and service centers in more than 50 countries.

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