Greer 30" Mill Gets Upgrade

Improved technology leads to further boost in gauge and shape control.

Under the auspices of "there's always room for improvement", Greer Steel recently upgraded its Bliss 30" breakdown reversing mill by adding two I2S Gamma Ray Gaugers and an I2S Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) system.

While the 30" mill has consistently provided Greer and its customers with superior quality and consistency, the addition of the new equipment is expected to raise the bar, allowing the mill to provide even greater gauge and shape consistency and accuracy.

According to Greer's Vice President of Sales, Charles Maul, "Our customers can look forward to a number of advantages thanks to this upgrade. For example, there will be even less part-to-part variance so tool and die life will be extended and higher processing speeds will be possible. Also, because the target gauge can move toward the bottom of the tolerance range, more parts per coil will be possible."

The new AGC system, which uses a feed forward design, interprets exit gauge and allows greater correction control. The new system captures significantly more date points---as much as ten times as much information can be gathered---allowing for greater resolution of the actual gauge performance.

Completed in early July, the upgrade is expected to boost Cpk performance by 25%.

About Greer Steel
Founded in 1917, Greer Steel produces cold rolled strip steel to customer specifications including various carbon grades, demanding surface finishes, tight gauge control, and edging, which can be supplied as coils or cut to length. The company is headquartered and has its main plant in Dover, Ohio along with its service center in Ferndale.

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