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Green OLED Display features 256 x 64 passive matrix.

Press Release Summary:

May 23, 2014 - Operating over -40 to +80°C range, Part No. REX025664D has 79.089 x 19756 mm active area, built-in RS0010 controller IC, and 2000:1 contrast ratio. Total power consumption of 0.5–1 W suits handheld and battery-operated applications, and built-in display off mode switch also helps conserve energy and extend operating life. Overall dimensions are 87.4 x 28.5 x 2.22 mm, and driver features current reference for brightness used to adjust display.

Original Press Release

Green PMOLED 256x64 OLED Display

Press release date: May 22, 2014

Microtips Technology is excited to announce our new 256x64 OLED display.    Within the driver of this LCM  we have the current reference for brightness which is use to adjust the brightness of the display, this low cost passive matrix, OLED display modules makes a great option for any applications, especially like small size LCDs.   With a total power consumption of 0.5 to 1W, this OLED display can be use for hand held and battery operated application which shows a brighter clear and crisp image.   This display has a build in RS0010 controller IC and has the outline dimensions of 87.4 x28.5x2.22 mm.  With a build in display off mode switch to conserve energy and power, you can further extend operating life time.   The average operating lifetime at room temperature is typically 50,000 Hrs with standard operation temperature at -40 to +80 degrees Celsius and a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

We have many other options of OLEDs displays such as character, graphics; TAB type. Using wide selections of emitting colors, such as green, this is most common, but has other features like, Blue, yellow, Red, amber, and White.   These particular OLEDs have options such as, sunlight readable enhancements including special films and polarizer’s.  We do have the option for no polarizer.  The typical logic voltage is 3.0V, but has others up to 5.0V, with and without touch panel.  We are currently in the R&D phase of flexible OLEDS, and Transparency OLEDs, these options are on the road map Q1 2014 special lighting are associate stay tune.


Quick Features:
Part# REX025664D
DOT Matrix 256x 64 Dots
Overall Area 87.4x 28.5 x 2.22 mm
Active Area 79.089 x 19756 mm
Pixel Size 0.289 x 0.289mm
Pixel Pitch 0.309 x 0.309mm
Display Mode OLED, Passive Matrix
Display Color Available color – green
Drive Duty 1/64 Duty
Temperature ST: -40~80°C, OT: -30~70°C
Driver IC  SSD1305Z