Green Energy Enterprises LLC (GEE) Now Represents the Pyrolyzer

Green Energy Enterprises LLC (GEE) has introduced a clean, highly efficient energy-from-waste (EfW) system that has wide potential applications across the country.

The system is a German designed low temperature pyrolysis/gasifier. The patented technology breaks down municipal solid waste (MSW) aka "garbage" into gases which can be converted into a range of products including green electric power. The system is considered safer to operate, environmentally cleaner and more economical than high temperature incineration systems. Investment payback is much quicker than most renewable technologies and is the only system with a Performance Bond guarantee.

According to Steve Jones, President EfW Development for GEE, "these new gasifiers meet our objective of providing municipalities, military bases, hospitals, rural communities, universities and industrial facilities, with the ability to upgrade their power plants from coal, oil, or gas, to sustainable/greener feedstocks. Pyrolyzer has been vetted by multiple international engineering firms and comes with a Performance Bond to guarantee customer satisfaction. The system also provides current landfill operators an opportunity to become a renewable energy supplier".

The new system can gasify Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), which is sorted/shredded, MSW, tires, coal fines, e-waste, sludge, wood and other feedstocks. The system is available in four sizes. They are shop fabricated and pallet mounted for consistent quality control and ease of on-site installation. Modules are sized at 4, 37, 75 and 150 tons per day of dry processed MSW. Units can also be combined to easily meet larger requirements or growth in demand.

According to Raymond Luk, partner and President of Global Development, "the efficiency and small footprint, (one-fourth of an acre) make the system a great fit for deployment in a variety of applications in the US and around the world".

Established and emerging markets are seeking ways to eliminate landfills and their environmental issues. This patented system substantially eliminates landfills while providing green sustainable power. The system works with current municipal and industrial recycling programs.

Scott Powers, GEE partner, notes, "the world needs technology that can help solve multiple environmental issues. The timing is right for the introduction of this system. It can help us turn the 137 million tons of waste per year we send to landfills into usable green energy. Moving 20% of US landfill waste to Pyrolyzer energy production can eliminate the annual import of 121,000,000 barrels of oil".

The system sets new standards for economical renewable energy costs. They can provide significant annual fuel savings over oil, natural gas and coal. Near zero hazardous gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The systems meet California emissions requirements. Depending on feedstocks, end products can be green electric power, steam, biodiesel, LNG gas, synthetic coke or nitrogen.

Currently, renewable energy construction costs may qualify for a 30% Federal government capital grant. The program ends December 31, 2011.

GEE can help provide siting, sizing, permitting, financing and integrated system engineering.

Green Energy Enterprises LLC is a Kentucky based green technology company with offices in Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. The company specializes in finding sustainable solutions to the issues of clean air, soil, water and energy.

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