Green All-Purpose Degreaser is biodegradable and VOC-free.

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Applied by hand or in pressure washers, ultrasonic tanks, or spray washers, Polychem Zilch concentrated cleaner is designed for tanks, docks, floors, or walls in any facility. Non-flammable solution has no VOCs or HAPS and replaces Simple Green®-type products that contain VOCs. Formula consists of synergistic blend of surfactants that can remove oils, grease, drawing compounds, and metal working fluids without any harsh fumes, odors, or environmental impact.

Original Press Release:

Green All-Purpose Degreaser Now Available

U.S. Polychemical Corp. (Chestnut Ridge, NY) has announced the availability of the Polychem Zilch biodegradable concentrated cleaner.  The Polychem Zilch is designed to replace the Simple Green® type products that contain VOC’s in the workplace environment. Polychem Zilch has no VOC’s, no HAPS, and is non-flammable. The Polychem Zilch formula is a synergistic blend of unique surfactants that have the ability to remove oils, grease, drawing compounds and metal working fluids without any harsh fumes, odors or environmental impact.   Polychem Zilch can be used to clean tanks, docks, floors or walls in any facility. Apply the Polychem Zilch by hand, in pressure washers, ultrasonic tanks or spray washers.  Available in1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.  “U.S. Polychemical Corp the leader in green acetone replacement technology and manufacturers of Acrastrip”.  Contact for further information.

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