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The UK based firm Master Magnets Ltd, recently supplied a variety of custom built magnetic separation equipment for a slag processing plant in Greece.

Raw slag originates as left over material from refining and furnace operations, with metal still contaminated within it. Slag is often received in pots from blast furnaces tapping troughs or steel furnace refining vessels, and there will also be metal in these pots. It is advantageous to separate the metals from slag to avoid problems during the end use of slag, and also to recover the higher value scrap for return to the iron and steel making processes.

Aiforos S.A who operate in Greece understand the importance of the slag separation process, and were well aware that there is potential profit to be made in this area by producing a more valuable product after separating materials so they gave Master Magnets a call.

Master Magnets Ltd have many years experience in the magnetic separation of slag, and are able to provide a range of magnetic separators to perform during different stages of the size reduction process. To gain a better understanding of the application Master Magnets carried out a sample testing service before moving on to the custom design stage. This enabled Master Magnets to provide Aiforos S.A with a specific solution to their problem, using 30 years experience in the manufacture and design of slag separation plants.

The slag separation plant included a pulley magnet, an overband separator, a slag permanent drum and vibratory feeder. This ensured that the slag processing plant has the power and durability to retain ferrous material which may be buried in a non ferrous mass, such as rock, or which may have a considerable amount of non-ferrous material attached. Slag drums are powerful radial pole drums suitable for the reclamation of slag in the production of steel. The pole design allows the maximum entrapment of metals and the highest levels of separation.

The plant is now capable of processing 2.5 tonnes per hour, and Aiforos are able to make a greater financial return with their waste. To find out more about Master Magnets range of products and services visit our website , or call us on +44 (0) 1527 65858

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