Gravity Sorter inspects screw-machine, cast, or molded parts.

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Sorting ¼-2 in. parts according to dimensional tolerances, Gravity Track Sorter performs 100% inspection of screw-machine, cast, or molded parts, with accuracy of ±0.0001 in. It employs vibratory bowl feeder, high speed camera, proprietary gauging technology, and digital processor to automatically place inspected parts into accept or reject bin. Sorter can be programmed for multiple parts, and measurement data is collected via serial port.

Original Press Release:


Bergenfield, NJ -- Small parts can now be sorted rapidly and at low cost according to such dimensional tolerances as length, width, diameter, etc. with the new "Gravity Track Sorter" by Resec Systems, Inc., Bergenfield, NJ. Resec is the producer of an extensive range of automated inspection and sorting systems. Several models of the Gravity Track Sorter are offered, for parts ranging in size from ¼ in. to 2 in. overall. The machine inspects and sorts parts with an accuracy of one ten-thousandth of an inch (± 0.0001 in.). Employing a high speed camera and proprietary gaging technology, the new sorter inspects each part and automatically places it into an ACCEPT or REJECT bin. A vibratory bowl feeder separates the parts and places them individually onto a track by which they are led before the lens of a high-speed video inspection camera. A digital processor captures the image of each part, measures the pre-programmed feature(s), and places the part into the appropriate bin. The sorter can be programmed for multiple parts, so that virtually no time is lost in changing from one part to another in the production environment. Complete software is included. All measurements are available for data collection via a serial port. For full details on Resec's Gravity Track Sorter, use the Reader Service Card or contact Resec directly. A Video Clip showing the unit in operation has been posted on the company's website and is available for download.

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