Graver Technologies Unique Condensate Polishing Technology Enables Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Millstone Power Station to Receive Prestigious Westinghouse Vendor Award.

Dominion Nuclear Connecticut employees at the Millstone Power Station were honored with the Westinghouse Combustion Engineering Design Vendor Award for protecting steam generators at a reduced cost through innovations in condensate polishing.

These innovations included the use of Graver's Gravex® GR 1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride Anion Exchange Media. GR-1-9 Media sets a new standard with a new state-of-the-art level in ultra low chloride performance. Millstone uses the Gravex GR 1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride Media with an amine (ETA) form condensate cation in a mixed bed. The first bed of GR 1-9 Ultra Low Chloride Media has seen continual service for nearly four years in the condensate polishing system, and to date has processed > 6 billion gallons of water. Neither mixed bed components has been regenerated during this period, and operating conditions indicate the bed will be regeneration free for up to five years. Corrosion product transport to the steam generators has been significantly reduced and the utility has realized substantial savings in regenerant and cycle chemical costs. According to Millstone Plant Personnel, "the results achieved by using the GR 1-9 Ultra Low Chloride Media have been dramatic. Corrosion has been reduced by 80 percent, the number of steam generator inspections has been reduced significantly, and chemical use has been reduced by 50 percent. The project yielded substantial savings, including $1 million in reduced maintenance during each maintenance shutdown! "

Gravex GR 1-9 Ultra Low Chloride Anion Media raises the standard of quality for anion exchange resins! Gravex Brand Ion Exchange Resins have been supplied to the utility industry for more than 25 years in nuclear, condensate, and other high purity applications. While low chloride limits are often sought for many high purity applications in customer and reactor manufacturer specifications, this new Gravex product revolutionizes what has previously been available in maximum chloride limits.

Gravex GR1-9 US Ultra Low Chloride resin also offers improved operation in other high purity applications including steam generator blowdown, fuel pool, and CVCS demineralizers as well as BWR condensate treatment and Reactor Water Cleanup.

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