GPU Cluster Computing offers 78 TeraFlops in one rack.

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Appro HyperPower(TM) Cluster combines GPU 1U system based on NVIDIA® Tesla(TM) with Appro server based on Intel® Xeon® processor. Able to accommodate mathematically intensive problems, scalable computing architecture can execute thousands of concurrent throughput parallel processing threads. Appro high-density servers are paired together with equal number of NVIDIA Tesla S1070 servers to include interconnect switches for node-to-node communication, master node, and clustering software.

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Appro Unleashes Its New Line of GPU Cluster Computing

Appro HyperPower(TM) Cluster Offers 78 TeraFlops in a Single Rack

MILPITAS, Calif., May 18 -- Appro (, a leading provider of supercomputing solutions, announced today the launch of the new Appro HyperPower(TM) Cluster Solution that combines a GPU 1U system based on NVIDIA(R) Tesla(TM) with an Appro server based on Intel(R) Xeon(R), formerly code named Nehalem.

The Appro HyperPower Cluster offers a scalable computing architecture that can execute thousands of concurrent throughput parallel processing threads for mathematically intensive problems. It features Appro's high density servers paired together with an equal number of NVIDIA(R) Tesla(TM) S1070 servers to include interconnect switches for node-to-node communication, master node, and clustering software all integrated in a 42U standard rack configuration. The Appro HyperPower cluster supports up to 304 CPU cores and 18,240 GPU cores with 78TF single precision GPU performance. By using fewer systems than standard CPU-only clusters, this cluster delivers more computing power in an ultra dense architecture at a lower cost.

The Appro HyperPower Cluster together with NVIDIA's CUDA toolkit for leveraging the massively parallel architecture of the GPU simplifies the development of scientific applications and their subsequent deployment across multiple generations of processors. In addition, the Appro HyperPower cluster gives customers a choice of configurations with open-source commercially supported cluster management solutions that can easily be tested and pre-integrated as a part of a complete package to include HPC professional services and support. The new system is aimed at HPC markets in government, academia and industry.

"Appro HyperPower Cluster allows us to continue delivering best of breed supercomputing cluster solutions using open standards technology," said John Lee, VP of Advanced Technology Solutions. "Appro HyperPower takes advantage of massively parallel Tesla GPUs together with the Appro Intel Xeon based servers to deliver incredible levels of floating point processing performance for research scientific computing."

"HPC standards-based cluster architectures have propelled the HPC market's skyrocketing growth in recent years and drove HPC revenue past $9 billion in 2008. HPC buyers are always looking for ways to increase the performance on their codes in a cost-effective way, so the use of hybrid designs that combine standard CPUs with GPUs, accelerators and FPGAs are being explored to increase performance on key codes," said Earl Joseph, IDC program vice president, Technical Computing Systems. "Appro HyperPower Cluster addresses this growing market requirement with its new GPU hybrid processing solution that can execute thousands of concurrent throughput parallel processing threads, pushing science and research projects to the next level of computing."

"We are excited to work with Appro to broaden our high performance computing customer base through the provision of easy to deploy, ready to power up clusters," said Andy Keane, General Manager of the Tesla Business Unit at NVIDIA. "Together, we look forward to extending the reach of NVIDIA Tesla technology into a wide range of HPC customers who can now benefit from unparalleled supercomputing performance at lower price points."

For more information about the Appro GPU Computing Clusters, go to Now, Universities are eligible for 20% discounts.

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