GPS Monitoring System helps ensure offender compliance.

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Using tamper-resistant components, iSECUREtrac System 5000(TM) is based on integrated GPS offender monitoring device, which is electronically tethered to IntelliCuff(TM) intelligent locking ankle bracelet. If offender nears range limit of monitoring device, IntelliCuff triggers vibrating alarm, ensuring wearer will not accidentally leave monitoring device at home. System 5000 supports multiple modes of direct offender communication including text, vibration, beeper, and voice.

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iSECUREtrac Introduces World's Most Advanced GPS Offender Monitoring Device

Patents Pending on Five Revolutionary New Features

CHICAGO, July 24 // -- iSECUREtrac(TM) Corp. (BULLETIN BOARD: ISEC) , the industry leader in GPS-based offender monitoring solutions and related wireless technologies, introduced its next generation GPS monitoring solution at the American Probation and Parole Association's 31st Annual Training Institute in Chicago.

Since 2001, iSECUREtrac has been insuring public safety and offender compliance with the latest innovations in tracking technology. The company's new iSECUREtrac System 5000(TM) introduces several new and unique features using advanced tamper-resistant and highly-durable components. At the heart of the system is the world's smallest and lightest integrated GPS offender monitoring device, which has been reduced to approximately the size of an Apple iPod(R).

Usually worn on the waist, the monitoring device is electronically tethered to IntelliCuff(TM), the industry's only "intelligent" locking ankle bracelet. If an offender wearing IntelliCuff nears the range limit of the monitoring device, IntelliCuff receives a signal from the monitoring device that triggers a vibrating alarm. This alarm ensures that the wearer will not accidentally leave the monitoring device at home or in the car.

"From the customer feedback we have received, we realize public safety is the number one priority," said Ed Sempek, iSECUREtrac's senior vice president of operations, "and that means we had to help ensure that every individual in the program would fully comply with the terms of their release. Making the system more efficient to implement, as well as lighter and simpler to use, helps achieve that very important purpose."

There are several ways the System 5000 lightens the workload for law enforcement and corrections officers. For example, system start-up is quicker and more convenient because the System 5000 uses a menu driven application that can be initiated anywhere, paused, and then completed at another time or location. The System 5000 also supports multiple modes of direct offender communication including text, vibration, beeper, and voice -- all of which simplifies and expedites responses to monitored violations. The patent pending IntelliCuff incorporates an easily adjustable one-size-fits feature that saves the agent or officer considerable time when adding individuals to the program.

"Our iSECUREtrac engineering and programming staff did a superlative job delivering an exceptional product," said Tom Wharton, CEO iSECUREtrac. "However, the real credit for the design goes to the many men and women who use our products every day in the challenging world of law enforcement and corrections, and who have given us valuable feedback on our products while working to ensure public safety.

"At iSECUREtrac, we listen first and design second. Before we began creating this new system, we talked with hundreds of parole and probation officers, county sheriffs, judges, procurement specialists, service providers and legislators. They told us what they wanted, and they shared their problems and concerns. The primary concern was the risk to public safety from devices that are non-integrated, one piece units, or modified cell phones that can be easily circumvented by those most in need of monitoring."

In most cases, officers are dealing with individuals on probation, parole, and pre-trial release who do not want their movements watched. They often try to circumvent any surveillance system. Notes Wharton, "That's why all our GPS field units, including those in the System 5000, are manufactured for unsurpassed durability. And every iSECUREtrac monitoring system utilizes fully integrated, tamper-resistant components. If there is an offender violation, we'll know immediately. That's the only way to ensure the offender remains in compliance with the terms of their release."

For the corrections market, The System 5000 is a complete and reliable turnkey solution. It can be customized to fit any budget and meet all the mission critical performance criteria necessary to ensure public safety. For more information on the System 5000 or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact your iSECUREtrac representative or call 1-866-537-0022. Or visit

About iSECUREtrac
iSECUREtrac Corp. is a technology and information services company providing advanced GPS tracking solutions for the remote tracking and monitoring of individuals, including real time data collection, secure remote reporting, and data warehousing. iSECUREtrac is currently focused in the area of Pretrial, Corrections, Probation and Parole for monitoring offenders in community release programs, such as sex offenders and other persons requiring community supervision. iSECUREtrac's GPS monitoring systems are designed to improve public safety, enhance the management of monitoring information, provide the fastest analysis and response, and reduce the financial cost of incarceration. Further information on iSECUREtrac Corp can be found on the company's Web site at iPod (R) is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

CONTACT: Tom Wharton,, or David Vana,, both of iSECUREtrac Corp., +1-402-537-0022

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