GPC/SEC System offers multiple detection technology.

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Characterizing natural and synthetic polymers, bipolymers, and proteins, Tetra Detector Array consists of LALS detector, 4-capillary viscometer detector, refractometer, and UV/VIS. All detectors and GPC columns are contained within heated oven compartment with temperature control to 80°C. With single experiment, users obtain absolute molecular weight, molecular size, and intrinsic viscosity as well as branching, conformation, aggregation, and copolymer composition information.

Original Press Release:

Tetra Detector Array with UV-LS-RI-VISC

The Tetra Detector Array represents the ultimate in GPC/SEC multiple detection technology for the characterization of natural and synthetic polymers, biopolymers and proteins. It consists of a patent-pending, revolutionary Low Angle Light Scattering (LALS) detector, four capillary viscometer detector, patent-pending refractometer and selectable wavelength UV/VIS. All the detectors, as well as the GPC columns, are contained within a heated oven compartment with temperature control to 80 degrees C, which means your sample never sees a variation in temperature.

The integration and unique, proprietary arrangement of detectors (UV-LS-RI-VISC)
insures minimal inter-detector volumes and reduced band-broadening, as well as eliminating the dilution effect and viscometer breakthrough experienced when the RI is placed last in the series. In a single GPC/SEC experiment, obtain absolute molecular weight, molecular size (to less than 1 nm), and intrinsic viscosity, as well as information on branching, conformation, aggregation and copolymer composition. For more information contact us at 1-800-375-5966 or visit us at

o Absolute Molecular Weight
o Molecular Size
o Intrinsic Viscosity
o Branching
o Conformation
o Copolymer Composition


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