GORE(TM) Protective Vents Selected for New Class of Rugged Computers

GORE(TM) Protective Vents Selected for New Class of Rugged Computers

Elkton, Maryland, October 26, 2006 -- W. L. Gore & Associates has been selected as the sole supplier of protective vents for Intermec Inc. CV30 Fixed-Mount computers, a new class of flexible devices built for rugged performance just about anywhere. Like all GORE(TM) Protective Vents, the POV/M12 vent and the BPC Series vents used in the CV30 allow for continuous exchange of gases and vapors, and they equalize pressure within the computer enclosure.

The CV30's rugged flexibility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications and environments. When it is mounted on forklifts that travel throughout warehouses, as well as in and out of subzero freezers, the CV30 is exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations that cause extreme changes in internal pressure. That in turn creates a vacuum that puts stress on the seals of the computer housing. GORE(TM) Protective Vents allow air to pass freely through electronic housings, thereby equalizing the pressure differential between the enclosure and the ambient temperature.

According to Cindy Marra, W. L. Gore & Associates applications engineer, "We worked with Intermec to address two issues related to the harsh environment in which the CV30 will be used. First, when moving sensitive electronic equipment from a warehouse floor into a subzero freezer, a vacuum can develop due to the sudden pressure change. Second, humidity in a freezer can sometimes cause condensation to develop on a computer screen. After testing various vents, Intermec selected the POV/M12 and the BPC Series vents."

The Intermec CV30 is equipped with a touch-sensitive display that is heated so that it continues to function accurately even in the coldest environments. Intermec found that installing the POV/M12x1.5 significantly reduces condensation buildup on the screen, because any water vapor trapped inside the computer can escape through the microporous membrane in the vent. Using the BPC Series vents in the computer speakers provides the pressure equalization needed to prevent a vacuum from developing, while minimizing acoustic impedance and transmission loss.

The POV/M12 provides water protection necessary for a device to meet IP66 for water jets, IP 67 for 30 minutes of water submersion, and IP 69K for high-pressure spray, ensuring the highest protection against water entry in any harsh environment. The BPC Series vents also protect against water, and they do so with less than 2.8 dB of acoustic transmission loss. Both of these types of vents function in temperatures as low as -40°C. Marra continues, "With the airflow provided by these vents, the CV30 is capable of being operated in harsh environments, including subzero freezers." Also, the CV30 exceeds IP66 and MIL STD 810F standards.

The consistent performance of GORE(TM) Protective Vents is due to the unique hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics of the membrane itself -- expanded polytetraflouroethylene (ePTFE). The microporous ePTFE membrane allows gases and vapors to pass freely in and out of the enclosure, but at the same time, it prevents water and dust from penetrating the enclosure, which significantly enhances the life of sensitive electronics inside the enclosure. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, GORE(TM) Protective Vents are versatile and cost-effective, because they integrate easily into existing electronic enclosures and manufacturing methods as well as new product designs.

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