Gooseneck Faucet provides hands-free operation.

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Utilizing capacitive sensing technology, Aerada(TM) 1200 Series CS Gooseneck Faucet features omni-directional detection zone that surrounds entire spout, instinctively detecting user's presence from any angle of approach. ADA compliant product features water-conserving 1.5 gpm laminar flow, and automatically shuts off after user's hands leave sensor area. All of faucet's mechanical and electrical components are concealed in water-resistant housing.

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Bradley Introduces Touch-Free Goosneck Faucet Technology

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (Oct. 27, 2008) - Touch-free faucet technology by Bradley Corp. has taken on an added dimension with the introduction of the Aerada(TM) 1200 Series CS Gooseneck Faucet. This new gooseneck faucet design complements Bradley's existing line of Aerada 1200 Series CS Faucets, which utilize capacitive sensing technology to provide optimal hands-free operation.

Particularly useful in healthcare and laboratory applications where quick access to handwashing and water is essential, the Aerada 1200 Series CS Gooseneck Faucet is easy to use and activate - the faucet instinctively detects a user's presence from any angle of approach.

The omni-directional detection zone of Bradley's Aerada 1200 Series CS Faucets ensures activation the first time and every time. The capacitive sensing technology creates an omni-directional detection zone that surrounds the entire spout, rather than relying on a sensor window commonly used with infrared-controlled faucets. All of the faucets' mechanical and electrical components are concealed in a water-resistant housing.

"Capacitive sensing technology has revolutionized touch-free restroom fixtures, and Bradley's new Aerada 1200 Series Gooseneck CS Faucet adapts key benefits of this technology for hand washing applications," said Ryan Pfund, product manager for Bradley Corp. "The Aerada Gooseneck Faucet is an ideal solution for healthcare and lab settings that require immediate touch-free activation of water. The easy activation also encourages more thorough handwashing, while reducing the amount of germs being spread in the area.

"We have found that our line of Aerada 1200 Series CS Faucets has successfully addressed the concerns of specifiers and engineers who experienced problems in the past with reflective surfaces, soap scum build-up or different user skin tones interfering with infrared faucet performance. Bradley's capacitive sensing technology has proven to be extremely reliable."

The capacitive sensing technology provides consistent touch-free activation with no windows, sensors, handles or knobs, which discourages vandals, so there is less need for repair and maintenance.

In addition to being ADA compliant, the Aerada Gooseneck Faucet can also help earn a LEED Water Efficiency credit, because it features a water-conserving 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) laminar flow, which falls below the 2.5 GPM faucet standard. It conserves water and saves energy because the faucet automatically shuts off after a user's hands leave the sensor area.

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