Goodyear Offers Full Line of Falcon Pd Sprockets

AKRON, Ohio, June 7 -- Goodyear Falcon Pd synchronous power transmission belts have received a big complement -- a full line of matching sprockets.

Customers now have a comprehensive alternative when designing or retrofitting mechanical power transmission drive systems, according to Michael Lyons, Goodyear Engineered Products (NYSE:GT) marketing manager for power transmission products.

"Falcon Pd rubber composite belts were first introduced last year as drop- in replacements for applications using polyurethane synchronous power transmission belts," said Lyons. "The new Falcon Pd sprockets are engineered to precisely mate with Falcon Pd belts."

The selection of 8- and 14-millimeter pitch cast iron, ductile iron and steel sprockets are available in more than 175 different sizes.

"The extensive number of Falcon Pd belt-and-sprocket configurations provides engineers with design flexibility for a broad range of industrial applications," said Lyons.

With operating noise levels reduced by up to four decibels, Falcon Pd can run quieter compared to other synchronous belts on the market. The belt drive is backside idler compatible, with less flex-fatigue, which helps maximize efficiency and gives end-users more for their energy dollars.

To help operators select the right drive system, Goodyear Maximizer 5.1 software, a belt-and-sprocket selection analysis program, has been revised and now makes upgrading a customer's drive to a Falcon Pd package even easier.

"Maximizer helps distributors and end-users choose the most efficient mechanical drive system for each specific application," said Lyons. "The software upgrade and full line of Falcon Pd sprockets will drive change in the synchronous belt-and-sprocket selection process."

In addition to its leadership position in industrial power transmission products, Goodyear Engineered Products is a global supplier of industrial heavy-duty and lightweight conveyor belts, hose and hydraulics, and automotive belts, hose and air springs. To learn more, visit or call 888-899-6354.

Source: Goodyear Engineered Products

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