Good Technology's Extensive ISV Ecosystem Is Ready for iOS 7

Secured by Good and iOS 7-compatible, accelerating business today

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Good Technology™, the leader in secure mobility, today announced the availability of a broad range of secured by Good, iOS 7-ready applications through its rich ecosystem of ISV partners. Good is the only secure mobility provider to offer full iOS 7 support across its entire suite of applications, including Good for Enterprise®, Good Connect™ and Good Share™, as well as its ISV ecosystem, the day iOS 7 is available.

"Today, Good and our ISV partners are further enabling business critical workflows for our enterprise customers," said Christy Wyatt, CEO of Good Technology. "We are proud to be able to work with such a rich and diverse community of innovators and are thrilled to be able to deliver together, on day one of iOS 7 availability, such a broad portfolio of enterprise mobility solutions."

Good has worked with its ecosystem of partners to make sure that the applications created emphasize both the new features and functionality offered by iOS 7, and bring the additional breadth of application support the enterprise requires. Additionally, ISV partners working with Good are able to create additional market opportunities by developing applications compatible with Good's exclusive application-to-application encrypted tunneling technology.  Good is the only secure mobility provider to enable secure app-to-app data transfer, creating the opportunity for enterprises to build entire workflows, weaving together multiple applications to complete multiple tasks.

"As the global leader in electronic signatures, businesses rely on DocuSign for mission-critical transactions," said Neil Hudspith, Chief Revenue Officer, DocuSign. "With one-third of DocuSign transactions completed on mobile devices, our customers have embraced mobility to accelerate business results. DocuSign for Good, running on the company's industry-leading app to app platform, enables our customers to create fully digital workflows - free from the delays, costs, and security risks of pushing physical paper."

"We see secure content sharing and collaboration as the center of any enterprise. It's the driving force behind how teams innovate, and build a competitive advantage for their business," said Robin Daniels, Head of Enterprise Product and Industry Marketing, Box. "As the mobile enterprise continues to evolve, Box for Good is accelerating how we enable our joint customers with the power of secure, cloud-based collaboration alongside the industry's leading secure mobility platform."

"Business users crave a simple interface to their enterprise data that is not only intuitive and engaging, but also one that fits seamlessly into the rest of their business workflows," said Santiago Becerra, CEO and co-founder of Roambi. "As part of the Good Dynamics ecosystem, Roambi for Good is changing how organizations of all sizes and across all industries securely access and utilize critical data to make smarter business decisions - anytime, anywhere."

Good's ISV partners enable a range of applications, including cloud storage, social business, business intelligence, e-printing, document editing, document management and file sync as well as industry specific applications. The ISV partners ready to support iOS 7 at release include:

    -   Accellion: Accellion Mobile App for Good enables users to securely

        create, edit, view, and collaborate across Microsoft Office documents,

        including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, both online and offline,

        and synchronizes with the Accellion workspace.

     -  Acronis (GroupLogic) MobilEcho: mobilEcho for Good enables enterprise IT

        departments to deliver document-centric workflows by providing secure

        access to file server, NAS and SharePoint content, including the ability

        to annotate PDFs, browse files, and search and sync corporate content

        across devices.

     -  Alfresco: Alfresco for Good provides secure mobile access to corporate

        documents, enabling users to send/receive, edit, and manage content

        while tracking comments, revisions, and collaboration activity.

     -  Box: Box for Good mobile provides a flexible content management solution

        that empowers users to share and access content from anywhere, while

        providing IT with enterprise-grade security and oversight into how

        content moves throughout enterprise workflows.

     -  Branchfire iAnnotate: iAnnotate for Good empowers users to securely

        read, mark-up, and share PDF files within everyday enterprise workflows.

     -  Breezy: Breezy for Good gives users four easy ways to securely print and

        fax directly from their mobile device: 1) Search for public printers in

        the Breezy Partner Network, 2) Print to a personal printer, 3) Print to

        their company's printers, 4) Send faxes by entering the destination


     -  ByteSquared Office2 Pro for Good: Office2 Pro for Good is a productivity

        app, allowing users to create and edit Microsoft Office documents,

        spreadsheets, and presentations.

     -  Colligo Briefcase: Colligo Briefcase for Good enables users to securely

        access, sync, edit, and share SharePoint content as part of enterprise

        workflows, even while the device is offline, and includes documents,

        lists, images, emails, and forms.

     -  DocuSign Ink: DocuSign Ink for Good enables digital business workflows

        by allowing users to prepare, execute, and manage the entire Electronic

        Signature process, completing business transactions securely, from

        anywhere, at any time.

     -  EMC® Syncplicity®: Syncplicity for Good mobile is an easy-to-use,

        secure file sync and sharing solution for business, providing a

        consumer-grade user experience that is designed to give users seamless

        access to all their files across all devices with no extra steps. It

        also combines enterprise-grade IT controls and admin features with

        flexible hybrid-cloud storage, enabling IT to secure corporate content

        and meet data residency and governance requirements.

     -  Fonemine MobileForce: MobileForce for Good enterprise provides unified,

        aggregated, read-write access to information located on,

        Box, SharePoint, Oracle, Jive, Social Apps, Web 2.0 Apps, Single Sign-On

        IDMs and many other enterprise systems. Multi-server, multi-app

        workflows are delivered through the single MobileForce app interface.

     -  GoodReader: GoodReader for Good[1] enables mobile users to securely

        annotate and mark-up PDFs as part of their daily mobile workflows,

        including adding hand written notes, sticky notes, lines, arrows and

        freehand drawings before it is securely saved or shared with other Good

        Dynamics apps.

     - for Good is a full-featured Office 365 and

        SharePoint mobile app that leverages the Good Dynamics platform to

        provide an enterprise-grade secure collaboration solution.

        offers a suite of mobile, desktop, and cloud apps to deliver an anytime,

        anywhere collaboration experience for a variety of enterprise social and

        collaboration platforms.

     -  HP Autonomy WorkSite: WorkSite Mobility 2 for Good allows users to

        securely search, browse, edit and upload WorkSite documents as well as

        emails from anywhere, while providing enterprises with stringent version

        control and fine-tuned policy management throughout the business


     -  iBabs: iBabs for Good makes organizing meetings simpler, more

        substantive and environmentally friendly by providing the ability to

        securely create, annotate, and manage actions/decisions in meetings.

     -  Information Builders Mobile Faves: Mobile Faves for Good allows users to

        rapidly run reports, graphs, and dashboards, from any corporate data

        source to save, annotate, and catalog BI documents locally, or offline,

        helping organizations to streamline mobile workflows.

     -  IntApp (DTE Axiom): DTE Axiom for Good boosts productivity and

        profitability by providing Legal and professional service organizations

        the ability for users to securely enter and edit their critical time

        from any location both on or offline. Both standard and optional user

        definable fields are available at each validation level to ensure

        billing accuracy - seamlessly moving between desktop and mobile.

     -  iSEC7 Mobility for SAP: ISEC7 Mobility for SAP for Good provides secure

        mobile access to SAP® CRM and SAP® ERP systems to accelerate and

        optimize workflows for sales teams, service technicians, and management

        teams.  From initial engagement to approval, the app takes advantage of

        a number of mobile technologies, including Integration of GPS maps,

        camera, and barcode to help users complete their daily tasks.

     -  NetDocuments: NetDocuments for Good enables collaboration within legal,

        financial services and Fortune 500 companies where security, scalability

        and a broad range of content management features are required to manage

        the high volumes and lifecycle of highly-sensitive workflows.

     -  NewsGator: NewsGator Social Sites for Good provides secure, direct

        access to enterprise social computing environments, including all

        relevant updates from colleagues and communities.

     -  Notate: Notate for Good provides a rich text editor that allows users to

        securely and quickly create, capture and sync notes, pictures, voice

        recordings, organized across mobile devices and Enterprise Exchange


     -  OmniDocs: OmniDocs for Good transforms mobile devices into a

        high-performing sales tool, enabling field organizations to manage,

        personalize and nurture customer relationships and exceed sales targets.

        It can be locally deployed and customized to meet your business


     -  Roambi Analytics & Roambi Flow: Roambi Analytics for Good allows users

        to quickly and securely transform existing business data and reports

        from many common business intelligence and reporting systems into

        stunning dashboard-style visualizations on mobile devices. Roambi Flow

        for Good securely displays Roambi Analytics™ views, videos,

        hyperlinks and PDF imports with the option to embed into other

        Good-secured apps.

     -  Salesforce: Salesforce Mobile Software Development Kit for Good allows

        business leaders and enterprise developers to deliver native, hybrid and

        HTML5 apps for custom- integrated mobile workflows.

     -  SalesPage: SalesPage Mobile for Good provides users with secure access

        to SalesPage Financial for data management, sales reporting and CRM


     -  Smart Office: Smart Office for Good makes it simple and easy to securely

        create, edit, print, annotate and share Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF

        documents across workflows while on the move. This is accomplished

        through a unique contextual interface, drag-and-drop editing, and secure

        email exchange through Good for Enterprise.

     -  Splashtop: Splashtop for Good eliminates the need for VPN clients and

        RDP apps enabling IT departments to deliver corporate applications and

        desktops to tablets and smartphones. Splashtop for Good supports

        Microsoft RDP / RDS / Remoteapp / Terminal Services, as well as VDI

        implementations using Citrix and VMware.

     -  SurfBI: SurfBI Mobile for Good enables organizations to securely design,

        build, deploy and manage analytical and transactional workflows. This

        unique mobile approach provides insightful, seamless data visualization

        into vital information across multiple ERP, Business Intelligence, Excel

        and other systems.

     -  Thomson Reuters Pitchboard: Thomson Reuters Pitchboard for Good offers

        seamless, secure delivery and return of pitch book iterations and edits

        between colleagues in the office and on the road. With Pitchboard, the

        pitch book review process is quicker and easier than ever before,

        compressing the pitch book creation timeline by increasing efficiency of

        workflows between users.

     -  Webalo: Webalo for Good is the easy, fast, affordable alternative to

        traditional mobile application development, an integral part of the IT

        enterprise mobility infrastructure that automatically generates mobile

        apps 100x faster and at a fraction of the cost.

     -  Wheelhouse Admiral: Admiral for Good provides structure, context, and

        integrated tools to uniquely support the entire sales life-cycle used to

        manage contacts, meetings, and material across stakeholders.

To learn more about Good's support of iOS 7, please visit here.  To learn more about Good's ecosystem of ISV partners, please visit the Good Dynamics Marketplace.

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