Goniometric Measurement Assembly works with angular LEDs.

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Suited for performing color and/or intensity measurements in lab or on production line, 940-LED incorporates USB interface, and 2 automated axes, and built-in sockets to accommodate various LED standards. Automated axial range eliminates need to stop measurement process and rotate LED to achieve full hemispheric measurement. Leveraging company's light measurement technology, product operates with all Gamma Scientific spectroradiometers, monochrometers, and photometers.

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Gamma Scientific Announces Goniometric Measurement Assembly for Angular LED Measurement

Compact and low-cost unit is designed to operate with all Gamma Scientific spectroradiometers, monochrometers and photometers

San Diego, Calif., July 20, 2006 - Gamma Scientific, a leading manufacturer of light-measurement instrumentation, has introduced the 940-LED, a compact, low-cost goniometric measurement assembly optimized for fast, accurate angular LED measurement.
Compatible with all Gamma Scientific spectroradiometers and photometers, including Gamma's new GS-1290-X spectroradiometer, the 940-LED is ideally suited for performing color and/or intensity measurements in the lab or on the production line.

The 940-LED's feature set includes a high-speed USB interface, two automated axes, including an automated axial range that eliminates the extra step of manual LED rotation associated with manual axial-range units and comprehensive, built-in sockets to accommodate a wide variety of LED standards. The device also leverages Gamma Scientific's leading-edge light-measurement technology to ensure the utmost in speed and accuracy.

"The introduction of the 940-LED attests to Gamma Scientific's commitment to provide our customers with a full range of advanced light-measurement solutions," said Eric Nelson, senior physicist and sales manager of Gamma Scientific. "Every effort was made to ensure this is the most accurate, user-friendly system of its kind on the market. In particular, we think users will appreciate the 940-LED's automated axial range. It eliminates the need to stop the measurement process and rotate the LED to achieve a full hemispheric measurement. Instead, the user simply plugs in the LED, pushes a button, and lets the unit run through its measurement sequence. There's nothing more to do."

Gamma Scientific is a leading manufacturer of precision light-measurement instruments, including photometers and radiometers, spectroradiometers, digital light sources and laser-power meters. The company also offers exacting calibrations in its optical-standards laboratory. For more information, please contact Gamma Scientific at [email protected]. Or visit our website at www.gamma-sci.com.

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