Gold Lining optimizes IR lightpipe and waveguide reflectance.

Press Release Summary:

Laser Gold coatings, used as lining of IR Lightpipes and Waveguides, promote optimal IR reflectivity, which is essentially flat from 1-12 micron. Reflectivity levels, exceeding 99%, have been recorded above 1.5 micron for durable, cleanable surfaces from 0.01-100 micron thick. Lightpipes with IR coatings are custom built, straight and curved, with polished bores. Diameters range from under 1 mm to 400 mm, with varied lengths to 1 m long, and typ IR reflection above 98% from 1.0-12+ microns.

Original Press Release:

Laser Gold Lining for Infrared Lightpipes, Light Guides and Waveguides

Epner Technology is a leading plating and coating service. Precious metal plating and gold plating to NIST reflectance standards is Epner's specialty. With over 90 years of electro and electroless plating experience Epner introduces enhanced lining of infrared Lightpipes and Waveguides with Laser Gold coating for maximum reflectance.

Laser Gold coatings have been developed to give ultimate infrared reflectivity, which is essentially `flat' from 1 through 12 micron. Reflectivity levels exceeding 99% have been recorded above 1.5 micron for durable, Cleanable surfaces in 0.01 to 100 micron thickness.

Lightpipes with IR coatings custom built straight and curved, with highly polished bores. Diameters from <1 mm to 400mm - varied lengths to 1 meter long; typical IR reflection >98% from 1.0 to > 12 microns.

The leader in plating for expanded marketplaces that include aerospace, medical, R & D, electronic and IR (Infrared) optical markets. Epner's laser gold plating reaches reflectivity of >99% @ 10 microns and >98% at 1 micron. Silver plating is plated to QQ-5365D, Aston, AMS and aerospace specs. High Q silver has a tarnish resistant proprietary deposit designed for microwave cavities and filters. Palladium to MIL-P 45209B and ASTM-B-679K specifications. Precious metals are engineered and applied over metal substrates such as Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Titanium, Kovar and other exotic alloys as well as non metallic substrates such as plastics, ceramics and glass. "Six Sigma" quality is the standard goal for all challenges. Epner's optical coating and plating is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Epner offers complete turnkey fabrication capabilities.

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