Global Resource Corp. Signs Research Agreement with Penn State University on Commercialization of Microwave Technology to Extract Hydrocarbons from Oil Shale

Penn State Professor Dinesh Agrawal, a Nationally Recognized Authority on Microwave Technology,Will Spearhead the Project

WEST BERLIN, N.J., Nov. 27 -- Global Resource Corp. (OTC: GBRC), a developer
of a patent-pending microwave technology and machinery for extracting oil and gases, announced today that it has signed a research agreement with Professor Dinesh Agrawal of Pennsylvania State University, a nationally recognized authority of microwave technology, to conduct research on the commercialization of its patentpending
microwave technology to extract hydrocarbons from oil shale.

Dinesh Agrawal is professor of materials science and director of the Microwave Processing and Engineering Center at Penn State. Chairman Frank Pringle of General Resource Corp. said, "We are looking forward to working with Professor Agrawal and Penn State on proving the commercial viability of microwave technology for extracting
hydrocarbons from oil shale in a cost-effective and emissions-free process."
"Unlike the existing technologies for extracting energy from oil shale," Pringle added, "microwave technology uses less energy and is, therefore, more efficient. Also, due to the vacuum process, there are no CO or CO2 emissions."

Pringle noted that in a report released on July 17, the U.S. Department of Energy profiled Global Resource and its microwave technology for oil shale recovery as a company that could possibly help to make the U.S. energy independent.
In addition, Popular Science Magazine selected Chairman Frank Pringle as a "Green Tech Innovator" and Global Resource Corp.'s microwave technology as one of its "Best of What's New '07."

Time Magazine also selected the company's microwave technology as one of the "Best Inventions of the Year" because of its ability to "pull fuel out of shale rock, tires and even plastic bottles." In its annual round up of "Best Inventions of the Year," Time Magazine selected 46 inventions in 12 categories, from Cars & Buses to Health. Global Resource's microwave technology is included in the environment category.

About Global Resource Corp.
Global Resource Corp., (OTC: GBRC), is a developer of a patent-pending microwave technology and machinery that extracts oil and petroleum products from shale deposits, tar sands, capped oil wells, bituminous coal and processed materials such as tires and plastics as well as dredged soil from harbors and river bottoms. Its process produces significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available using existing technologies. Because the process takes place in an enclosed environment it is emission-free and an efficient and costeffective tool for cleaning environmental wastes and toxic materials.

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