Global Lighting Leader Energy Focus, Inc. Announces Three New LED Products for Commercial and Industrial Applications

SOLON, Ohio, Dec. 27 -- Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI) the global leader in energy-efficient lighting technologies, announces three new EFO-LED products for use in commercial and industrial applications. These products will be sold through Energy Focus's distribution channels and private labeled through its alliance with TCP, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

The three new products are:

EFO-LED Dock Light -- Designed to meet the unique lighting needs of shipping and receiving docks, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, the Energy Focus LED Dock Light offers bright light in a robust package. Because the technology is a spinoff from Energy Focus's military EFO-LED applications developed for the US Navy, it is rugged and incorporates enhanced thermal and optical properties to create the precise lighting profile required for dimly lit, high traffic industrial and commercial spaces. And because the EFO-LED light sources have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours, customers will save money not only in significantly reduced energy costs, but also in maintenance and replacement costs over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Armada EFO-LED Globe -- Like the EFO-LED Dock Light, the Armada EFO-LED Globe products are a spinoff of the systems developed by Energy Focus for the US Navy. However, the Armada line is specifically designed for extreme low-temperature environments, such as walk-in freezers, cold storage warehouses, and refrigeration facilities. The challenge with lighting these sorts of spaces is that incandescent lights bring heat into the space while fluorescents are extremely slow to reach peak luminosity. The Armada EFO-LED Globe replaces both systems, offering instant-on capability without the heat.

Light Rail -- The Energy Focus EFO-LED Light Rail is an under-cabinet lighting system featuring an EFO-LED-driven light bar that replaces fluorescent and incandescent lighting in retail display cases and similar applications. Since the systems use only a fraction of the energy of traditional under-cabinet lighting systems and are highly recyclable, Light Rail is good for the environment as well as for the bottom line.

"At Energy Focus, we realize that environmental responsibility is no longer optional," said John Davenport, CEO of Energy Focus, Inc., "so we are creating products that save energy and money while offering the brightest light available. With our distribution and private label partners, we are aggressively marketing these new, highly energy efficient systems, to customers around the globe."

Energy Focus LED systems are available for private label partnerships. For more information on Energy Focus, Inc.'s highly efficient EFO-LED systems, contact Eric Hilliard, 440-715-1300.

About Energy Focus, Inc.

Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI) designs, develops, manufactures and markets lighting systems for wide-ranging uses in both the general commercial and the pool and spa lighting markets. Energy Focus EFO(R) systems offer energy savings, heat dissipation and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting for multiple applications. The Company's headquarters are located at 32000 Aurora Rd., Solon, Ohio. The Company has additional offices in California, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Telephone: (440) 715-1300. For more information, see

CONTACT: Public Relations Office of Energy Focus, Inc., +1-440-715-1295,

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