Glass meets demands of high performance applications.

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Industrial-grade S-1 Glass(TM) is designed for high-volume applications where E-Glass performance does not deliver, including wind energy, CNG storage, long fiber thermoplastics, oil and gas, muffler fill, and ballistics. Able to be customized for high-performance applications, special-grade S-3 Glass(TM) is suited for aerospace market and competes against aramid, carbon fiber, ceramic fibers, and other high-performance reinforcements.

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AGY Launches New S-Series(TM) High Performance Materials Product Line

AIKEN, SC, USA -- (April 1, 2008) -- AGY today announced the launch of its new S-Series(TM) high performance materials product line. This new high strength glass product portfolio introduces two new product lines - S-1 Glass(TM), an industrial grade product, and S-3 Glass(TM) a special grade product. These new materials join AGY's S-2 Glass® high performance grade product to form the S-Series(TM) - products designed to make selecting performance material solutions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

According to Drew Walker, AGY Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "We developed these two new product lines to broaden our S-2 Glass® product range in order to take advantage of a rapidly growing market. Our S-Series(TM) product portfolio is designed to capitalize on targeted high volume applications as well as niche markets that require highly specialized glass chemistry with ultra-high performance regarding specific product attributes."

The new S-1 Glass(TM) product line is designed for high volume applications that require a performance glass where E-Glass performance does not deliver. S-1 Glass(TM) single-end rovings enable companies to maximize the benefits from high strength rovings. "High volume users in wind energy, CNG storage, long fiber thermoplastics, oil and gas, muffler fill and ballistics are demanding an economical, high quality and reliable source of high strength glass for their businesses," explained Walker. "In this type of value-based market segment, S-1 Glass(TM) bridges the gap between E-Glass and higher performance glass such as our S-2 Glass® fibers."

The new S-3 Glass(TM) is a special grade product that can be customized for high performance applications. Walker explained, "Our ability to create new glass chemistries and utilize our unique variety of manufacturing platforms allows us to customize S-3 Glass(TM) products to individual customer demands for high performance applications in industries such as the aerospace market."

Walker noted that AGY's S-2 Glass®, a higher performance grade than S-1 Glass(TM), competes against aramid, carbon fiber, ceramic fibers and other high performance reinforcements.

To meet the increased demand for S-2 Glass® across a broad range of markets including aerospace and defense, AGY has increased its manufacturing capacity by 50%. "As a result of our plant expansion, AGY has made an initial 5,000 MT of S-2 Glass® available for the defense market for new business in vehicle armor with Humvee and MRAP, EFP applications," added Walker.

For more information about AGY's new S-Series(TM) products, please call 888-434-0945, or visit our website at

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