Glass Edging/Grinding Machines come in CE-certified versions.

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Able to edge flat glass from 3-12 mm thick at speeds to 1.6 m/min, single-spindle EU11 makes Pencil, Miter, and Flat with Seam edges using diamond grinding wheels and polishing wheels. Coolant system is self-contained and includes recirculating tank and pump. Featuring .75 kw motor, 3300RP wet belt sander uses 102 x 2,692 mm sanding belts and is equipped for no-tool belt changes. Main power switch activates water spray to minimize glass grind dust and keep sanding belt cool.

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CRL Glass Machinery Introduces CE Versions of Two of its Most Popular Machines

C.R. Laurence, Los Angeles California, USA, introduces CE versions of two of its most popular glass edging/grinding machines. Both machines are made in Cicero, Illinois and are based on solid "cornerstone" machines that CRL Glass Machinery (formerly Sommer & Maca) has made for over 80 years.

EU11 Single Spindle Glass Edger 3300RP Wet Belt Sander Edger/Grinder
The EU11 is a CE certified version of the company's VE1P Single Spindle Glass Edger. It is a simple and reliable machine that can edge flat glass from 3 mm to 12 mm thick at speeds up to 1.6 meters per minute. Glass is fed into the conveyor and pulled through the grind section automatically. Pencil, Miter, and Flat with Seam edges are made using different diamond grinding wheels and polishing wheels. The coolant system is self-contained and includes a recirculating tank and pump. The EU11 operates on 1/50/220V AC power.

The 3300RP Wet Belt Sander uses standard 102 x 2692 mm sanding belts and is also CE certified. The machine has a powerful .75 kw motor and is equipped for easy "no-tool" belt changes. The main power switch activates a water spray to virtually eliminate glass grind dust and keep the sanding belt cool. The US version of this machine has been made since the 1920's and the 3300RP is the newest, most advanced version. The 3300RP is also wired for 1/50/220V AC power. These machines are available from C.R. Laurence of Europe locations in Manchester England, Stuttgart Germany, and Copenhagen Denmark.

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