Glass Coatings reduce home energy consumption.

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Certincoat® Low E flat glass coatings, for window manufacterers, are pyrolytic hard coatings for cold climates. They carry high solar heat gain coefficient to utilize sun's energy. Solar Selective SunE(TM) glass coatings, developed for hot climates, are hard ceramic coatings that cut energy costs by combining solar selectivity with low emissivity. Specialty glass coatings provide transparent conductive surface, improve adhesion, or drain electrostatic charges.

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Atofina Chemicals' Certincoat® Low E glass Coatings Reduce Home's Annual Energy Consumption

Energy savings as high as 30 percent

PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 8, 2003) - ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc., a world leader in glass coatings to the container and flat glass industry, will showcase Certincoat® Low E glass coatings at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo, 2003. The Flat Glass Coatings Group provides innovative coating solutions for residential windows that can reduce a home's annual energy consumption by as much as 30 percent when used to replace clear single-pane windows. And the savings can be as much as 7 percent when compared with other low E coatings, especially in the northern and upper central parts of the U.S.

"We develop high quality glass coatings that are designed to achieve optimum year-round thermal efficiencies in northern and upper central climates," said Sophia Quach, Market Manager, Flat Glass Coatings Group. "Our pyrolytic low E coatings provide window manufacturers with glass that is more durable, heat treatable, and energy efficient.

For more than 20 years, Certincoat glass coatings have provided innovations in coating materials, processes and proprietary coating systems for both residential and commercial windows - from floatline applied low emissivity coatings to off-line conductive coatings for special applications, including energy efficient windows, storm windows and windows for appliance doors.

ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. will display its line of glass coatings, including:

Low E flat glass coatings - These pyrolytic hard coatings carry a higher solar heat gain coefficient and provide energy by utilizing the sun, a cost free resource. Windows possessing
this combination of low emissivity and high solar gain provide maximum energy performance in a cold, heating-dominated climate. These coatings can be used to manufacture windows meeting
the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star criteria for northern and central zones.

Solar Selective SunE(TM) glass coatings - Developed for hot climates, these hard ceramic coatings cut energy costs by combining solar selectivity with low emissivity. The coatings can
be used to manufacture windows that meet the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star requirements for cooling-dominated southern climate zones. With durability identical to uncoated clear glass, these coatings can also be employed in monolithic windows.

Specialty glass coatings - These coatings, used for an array of specialty glass products, provide a transparent conductive surface, improve adhesion or drain electrostatic charges. Applications include appliance parts, computer and TV screens, fiberglass, flat panel displays and fluorescent lamps.

For more information, call 1-800-225-7788 or visit the ATOFINA Chemicals website at

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. employs 3,000 people and produces high-performance chemicals and polymers. The Company reported sales in 2001 of $1.4 billion. ATOFINA Chemicals is part of ATOFINA, world's 4th largest chemical company with 72,000 employees and sales in 2001 of $17.5 billion ( Euros19.6 billion). ATOFINA is the chemical branch of TotalFinaElf (NYSE: TOT), the world's 4th largest oil and gas company with 123,000 employees and sales in 2001 of $94 billion ( Euros105 billion).

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