GKS Inspection Services Expands 3D Scanning Capabilities of Internal Geometries with CT Scanning

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA; February 10, 2009)- GKS Inspection Services, a global provider of dimensional inspection, 3D laser scanning, and terrestrial scanning services since 1981, has expanded its roster of capabilities to include Computed Tomography (CT) scanning services and systems sales, which are available at their locations worldwide. High-accuracy CT scanning enables 3D scanning of parts with very complex internal geometry. Visual access is not required for CT scanning so the process is very thorough and nondestructive.

CT scanning is an ideal measurement method in many different industries for inspection of extremely complex parts and assemblies too difficult to measure with conventional touch probe or line-of-sight vision-based scanning technologies. The speed and precision make CT scanning a viable option for nondestructive testing of production line and critical components. GKS offers customers the option of sending parts in for scanning services, or of purchasing their own CT scanning system.

Customizable two- and three-dimensional inspections of small- to medium-sized objects generate 3D XYZ scan data in standard file format outputs for inspection, reverse engineering, and defect analysis applications. Parts with small, complex, and fine geometry from the medical and electronics industries benefit especially from this technology, since those types of parts are very difficult to measure using conventional, mechanical measuring equipment or even the most advanced, laser-based scanning technologies.

Larry Carlberg, GKS Service Bureau Manager, remarked, "Adding nondestructive CT scanning to our menu of services will simplify and expand our abilities to capture all surfaces, both external and internal, of complex and free-form parts without damage to the object. GKS's expert metrologists will provide the same excellent quality data processing, modeling work, speed and accuracy with CT scan data as they do with other 3D scanning technologies."

About GKS

GKS Inspection Services has been a leading provider of dimensional inspection, 3D laser scanning, terrestrial scanning, and CT scanning services for over 25 years. Our engineers can assist with product development and design as well, and provide rental equipment and expertise to customers with the occasional 3D scanning project.

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