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Offering 4, 8, 12, or 16 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Promentum® ATCA-72xx provides hardware accelerated data processing needed for dense network elements. Modular, hot-swappable Gigabit Ethernet Line card for ATCA systems can be equipped with up to 4 Cavium OCTEON(TM) Plus CN58XX processors. RadiSys AMC-7211 provides power-efficient packet and security processing for applications requiring AMC modules for ATCA and uTCA platforms. It is equipped with 4 Ethernet interfaces.

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RadiSys Introduces Industry's First Gigabit Ethernet Solutions Based on Cavium Networks OCTEON(TM) Plus CN58XX Processors

Promentum(R) ATCA-72xx and AMC-7211 Deliver State-of-the-Art Wire-Speed Packet and Security Processing for Next Generation Wireline and Wireless Network Elements

HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 9 -- RadiSys (NASDAQ:RSYS) today announced the expansion of its market leading ATCA and AMC family by introducing two new products based on the latest OCTEON(TM) processors from Cavium Networks. The new ATCA and AMC solutions from RadiSys provide high density Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with sophisticated dataplane hardware acceleration, and help equipment manufacturers reduce research and development costs while accelerating the introduction of high performance, content aware products such as Radio Network Controllers (RNC), Session Border Controllers, Media Gateways, Edge Routers, and Security Gateways.

As the industry continues its rapid shift to converged IP networks, content aware processing of data as well as voice, video and multimedia traffic is becoming critical in a broad array of network elements. RadiSys, a pioneer and innovator in open systems platforms and first to market with a 10 Gigabit ATCA platform, helps equipment manufacturers address these needs by providing feature rich ATCA and AMC solutions with wirespeed performance.

The Promentum ATCA-72xx is a high performance, modular Gigabit Ethernet Line card for ATCA systems offering 4, 8, 12 or 16 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Equipped with up to four Cavium OCTEON Plus CN58XX processors, the ATCA-72xx provides the wire speed interfaces and hardware accelerated data processing critical for today's dense network elements. The IPMI -compliant, hot swappable ATCA card is available with optional software from RadiSys for hardware accelerated IPV4/IPV6 forwarding, Security (IP Sec, SSL, SRTP), IP Filtering, and Traffic Management. Future software upgrades will add support for Load Balancing, MPLS, and GTP-U hardware acceleration.

The RadiSys AMC-7211 provides power efficient, packet and security processing for customers requiring AMC modules for their ATCA and uTCA platforms. Equipped with four Ethernet Interfaces, each AMC-7211 delivers up to 4 Gbps of Layer 2 through 7 wire speed content aware processing in a compact single width, mid-size AMC. When installed in AMC slots provided by ATCA compute blades such as the RadiSys ATCA-4300, the AMC-7211 can be used to offload host CPUs from line and packet processing tasks.

"Cavium Networks new OCTEON Plus processors deliver the highest performance and best performance/watt offering for networking and wireless applications," said Syed Ali, CEO and president, Cavium Networks. "We are pleased to work with RadiSys using OCTEON Plus to enable a new breed of ATCA and AMC solutions which will help equipment manufacturers implement rich, secure, quad-play services for enterprise and service provider networks."

The RadiSys ATCA-7200 and AMC-7211 are available as standalone products or as part of the RadiSys Promentum(TM) ATCA-6010 Application Ready platform. The Promentum ATCA-6010 platform is a fully integrated and validated managed platform designed to address high speed I/O and bandwidth intensive traffic- bearing applications in a flexible and reliable architecture complete with comprehensive system management. Embedded Promentum building blocks are implemented in a modular fashion with seamless interoperability through a suite of Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs). RadiSys offers a wide range of AMCs for general purpose and network processing, input/output, and storage requirements.

"Deep packet inspection and complex security processing are becoming fundamental for many network elements in fixed, mobile and enterprise networks," said Scott Grout, CEO, RadiSys. "These latest offerings from RadiSys build on our leadership position in 10 Gigabit ATCA platforms and allow equipment manufacturers to quickly and easily address the most demanding applications. With these new products our customers are better able to create products for service providers offering secure connectivity and increased subscriber capacity with a smaller footprint and power envelope than previously possible."

About Cavium Networks

Cavium Networks is a world leader in security and MIPS(R)-based single and multi-Core processors for networking, wireless, storage and control plane applications. Cavium Networks offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software compatible processors and accelerator boards ranging in performance from 10 Mbps to 20+Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in SOHO/SME, enterprise and service provider network equipment. Cavium Networks processors are supported by a rich ecosystem of software, silicon and ODM hardware solutions from leading vendors in networking, unified threat management (UTM), wireless, voice, operating systems, Java, motherboard and other areas. Cavium Networks is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA with development centers in Marlborough, MA and India. For more information, please visit:

About RadiSys

RadiSys is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry leading architecture, RadiSys helps OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. RadiSys products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms and turn-key systems, which are used in today's complex computing, processing and network intensive applications. For more information, visit, write to, or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100.

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