GH IA Develops Innovative Scan Hardening Machine

Hardens and Tempers Two Automotive Driveshafts Every 16 Seconds

ROCHESTER NY: GH Induction Atmospheres (GH IA), a leading American provider of customized industrial heating solutions, has built an innovative induction heating machine that processes two automotive starter driveshaft parts every 16 seconds.

A global automotive systems and components supplier contracted with GH IA to develop the machine specifically for a new starter driveshaft line. "Our customer was searching for an American company with design, build and service capability," said Chip Laskowski, GH IA Director of Sales. "We met their requirements by modifying the already-proven machine design built by our parent company, GH Electrotermia.

The new machine hardens and tempers two driveshafts for automotive starters every 16 seconds. The design employs dual vertical induction scanners with multiple power settings and scan speeds along each driveshaft, servo-controlled automated pick and place, and integrated process verification. Hardening is accomplished at a temperature of 1600°F (871.1°C) and the tempering cycle operates at 400°F (204.4°C). The machine is part of a larger, continuous driveshaft manufacturing process that includes previous machining and additional grinding.

About GH Induction Atmospheres

GH IA is a leading American provider of customized industrial heating solutions for automotive, aerospace, medical and energy production applications. GH IA is part of the GH Group, one of the largest, most experienced induction heating companies in the world. With headquarters in Valencia, Spain, GH Group includes affiliated companies in the USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, and China. GH Group specializes in providing custom-designed production systems for industrial heat treating. With over 4000 installations in more than 50 countries, GH Group has developed long-standing relationships with most of the first, second and third tier automotive companies.

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Chip Laskowski

Director of Sales

GH Induction Atmospheres

35 Industrial Park Circle

Rochester NY 14624


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