GestureTek and Red Rock Media Win Digital Signage Interactive Technology Award at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas

Company's multi-touch surface computing table for Australia's Eureka Tower selected as most innovative interactive display solution in a public space.

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 28 - GestureTek Inc., inventor and world leader in gesture-controlled interactive presentation, information and entertainment systems, announced today that it has won the 2008 Digital Signage Interactive Technology Award for the most innovative digital signage solution in a public space. The Award was presented on February 27th at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GestureTek and its client, Red Rock Media, won the award for a one-of-a-kind multi-touch surface computing table that was installed at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia. This tourist attraction was billed as the world's largest multi-touch surface computing table at the time of its installation.

Called Serendipity, the six-meter-long table features an interactive touch-surface that reveals sixty different short stories exploring the mythological, historical, cultural and contemporary highlights of Melbourne. Multi-touch functionality allows several users, or one person using two hands, to simultaneously access information about their key areas of interest, by touching a variety of icons on the table's huge display area. The moving stream of stories materializes in a serendipitous fashion along sections of the table, which coalesce when touched to form an information window containing text, images, film and animation.

GestureTek's interactive multi-touch technology can be delivered on virtually any surface, in any shape or size, such as a table, bar top, counter or freestanding panel. These interactive surface systems give people 'Minority Report-style' interaction capability. They simply press, rotate and drag their hands along a surface to control dynamic multi-media content, access information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs and view advertising. More than 50 breathtaking special effects and applications from the GestureFX® library come pre-programmed with interactive surface solutions. The system owner can use these applications 'as is', or employ them to create their own custom content.

Using specialized camera technology and video gesture control software that was patented long before the movie Minority Report was even released, GestureTek has been delivering custom interactive tables for several years, including a dynamic interactive map and way-finding system for Samsung in New York's Time Warner Building and an engaging interactive entertainment table for Alice Fazooli's restaurant in Toronto.

GestureTek's multi-touch technology has limitless applications for digital signage, corporate board rooms, showrooms, presentation centers, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, tradeshows, advertising venues, and other public spaces where kiosk-style multimedia is desired. The military has even worked with GestureTek to find ways to integrate this exciting technology into their facilities.

Tens of millions of visitors have experienced the 4,000-plus GestureTek installations all over the world in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, retail locations, digital signage solutions and in other public spaces. The company's various solutions for point and control, responsive media, immersive gaming experiences and multi-touch surface computing allow people to control and interact with dynamic multi-media content; access information within interactive displays and even immerse themselves in a 3-D virtual world -- without ever having to wear, hold or touch anything special.

Selected GestureTek technologies for digital signage and advertising:

Illuminate(TM) Multi-Touch Tables & Displays: Futuristic computing
surfaces with no visible screens or hardware, used to navigate traditional
multi-media or deliver multi-touch interactivity.
[More information]

[Illuminate Video mms:// ble.wmv]

ScreenXtreme(TM): An immersive signage solution that projects a user's
image onscreen and lets them manipulate multi-media content with hand and
body movement. [More information]

[ScreenXtreme Video mms:// me.wmv]

GestureXtreme®: A thrilling immersive gaming experience where users see
themselves onscreen, interacting with virtual characters and objects.
[More information]

[GestureXtreme Video mms:// me.wmv]

GestureFX®: An eye-catching visual display system that responds to body
motion, projecting dynamic multi-media content onto floors, walls, tables,
bars or counters. [More information]

[GestureFX Video mms:// em_series.wmv]

About GestureTek Inc.

GestureTek is the pioneer, patent-holder and world leader in gesture-recognition technologies and computer vision for information, presentation and entertainment systems. The company's revolutionary video gesture control software lets users control interactive content, access information, manipulate special effects or immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world -- simply by moving their hands or body. In the past 20 years, GestureTek has delivered approximately 4,000 interactive displays, kiosks, exhibits, games and other interactive solutions for museums, science centers, location-based entertainment facilities, retail stores, tourism and hospitality venues, real estate presentation centers, corporate boardrooms and showrooms, television networks and game developers. The technology is also used by advertisers and marketers to make their digital signs and advertisements interactive and immersive. Healthcare organizations specializing in rehabilitation, sensory stimulation, activation and recreation also use GestureTek's technology for virtual therapy. GestureTek's clients include leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as CNN, NASA, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Federal Express, Autodesk, Panasonic and more. Software and patent licensees include Microsoft, Sony, Hasbro and NTT DoCoMo. GestureTek is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Asia.

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