GeoVision Soon to Launch GV-Series Surveillance System V8.2 with Digital, Hybrid and IP Solutions

Feb. 22, 2008

Taipei, Taiwan - GeoVision will soon release its latest and more powerful GV-Series Surveillance System V8.2 that comes with video surveillance and management solutions for the digital, hybrid, and pure IP network environment. The V8.2, which built upon comprehensive and easy-to-integrate hardware and software technologies and designed to allow various of its solutions to operate through uniform multi-functional interface, is available with additional intelligent video analytic and control features to support many of enterprise's management functions, and more enhanced and user-friendly remote surveillance management and storage system framework that allows for more streamlined monitoring and operational performance while optimizing storage efficiency. As with earlier releases, V8.2 can seamlessly integrate with various other system applications, such as POS/ATM/EAS, access control, License Plate Recognition, megapixel IP technologies, as well as central monitoring station, which has been enhanced for better live monitoring and central management efficiency.

The following are key new and enhanced features for V8.2:

Support for V4 Cards of GV-600, GV-650 and GV-800
New features to Main System:
Hybrid Solution integrating analog videos with digital videos from GeoVision IP video products and third-party IP cameras
Noise Tolerance for motion detection
Noise Detection to reduce file size
Noise Filter to filter out video and audio noise
Defogging live videos (option)
Video Stabilizer (option)
PIP and PAP Views
Panorama View (option)
Report Generator
New codec Geo H264 V2
Multithreading encoding
Support for cardholder data from GV-Video Server
Support for new screen resolutions: 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080
Support for new domes: Pelco Spectra Mini Dome (SD4-WO), Pishion 22X, VCC5i, Lilin (PIH-7625), Messoa (D-700 series) for PTZ tracking and VIDO (G65) for PTZ tracking

New features to ViewLog:
Support for new screen resolutions: 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080.
Support for new video-enhanced effects: Defog and Stabilizer
PIP and PAP Views
Panorama View
Splitting files for backup onto multiple discs
Extracting frames from a video clip during playback

New features to WebCam:
New web GUI
Control Panel on Single View to provide instant information and operation
PIP and PAP Views in Single View
Support for defogging live videos in Single View
Support for Video Stabilizer in Single View
Restricting Power User and User to access WebCam Server at specified time length
Event List Query
Download Center
Drag-and-drop support for camera, PTZ and I/O icons on the 2 Windows of Mpeg 4 Encoder Viewer
Addition of "Use small icon" option in Remote E-Map
Pop-up live images upon input trigger in Remote E-Map

New features to Center V2:
Connection from one single DVR to two Center V2s
Simultaneous playback of multiple video files
Support for new resolutions: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900
Backing up event log data to CD / DVD
Printing Alarm Reports
Support for GV-IP Camera
Support for GV-Compact DVR

New features to VSM:
Displaying status of multiple storage groups at the connected DVR
Resending event messages to VSM after connection is recovered
Support for Remote ViewLog
Backing up log data to CD / DVD
Printing Alarm Reports
Support for GV-IP Camera
Support for GV-Compact DVR
Enhanced support for GV-Video Server

New features to Dispatch Server:
Backing up log data to CD / DVD
Printing Alarm Reports

New features to Authentication Server:
Remote access from Control Center, Remote E-Map and Multi View to obtain the list of DVR hosts

New features to Control Center:
Support for PIP and PAP Views in Live View, Remote ViewLog and Matrix View
Support for new resolutions: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900
Support for Panorama View
IP Matrix
VMD (video motion detection) monitoring
New interface style for Control Center
Addition of "Start/ Stop Service" message to log
Instant playback
Import and export of Host List and Group List information
Support for negative coordinates used in position settings of Remote DVR, Remote ViewLog, I/O Central Panel and Matrix
Support for GV-IP Camera
Support for GV-Compact DVR
Support for GV-Video Server

New features to SMS Server:
Addition of event alerts

New applications:
Bandwidth Control
Backup Server and Backup Viewer

New hardware devices:
GV-IP Camera
GV-Compact DVR

For more detailed information on GV-Surveillance and Video Management System V8.2, please follow the links:

GV-Hybrid DVR:
For other product information, please visit

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Press Contact:
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About GeoVision Inc.

GeoVision Inc., one of the security 50 companies, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. Known by the brand name GeoVision, we manufacture and distribute security surveillance systems to customers in more than 70 countries. GeoVision's distinct products and innovative technologies are USA and Taiwan patented. In 2007 GeoVision was awarded by Frost & Sullivan with Product Innovation of the Year in digital video monitoring.

GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. GeoVision's award-winning GV series surveillance products provide total security solutions for point-of-sale systems, license plate recognition systems, access control systems, and central monitoring systems. With our advantages in video surveillance techniques, we are forging ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, IP camera, video server, network video storage, and video security service. For more information, visit

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