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Integrating spatial analysis and data capture with 3D virtual earth style of presentation, GeoMedia® 3D delivers precise visualization of surface and environmental characteristics. Users can navigate with full freedom of movement in all dimensions to evaluate geospatial assets and analytical results. Users can also dynamically integrate surfaces, imagery, feature data, and vector data to create 3D view of all data sources in GeoMedia 3D map window for rapid assessment of fast-changing conditions.

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Intergraph® Introduces 3D Capabilities in Geospatial Software

GeoMedia® 3D to enhance productivity and increase situational awareness for faster, more informed decision making

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., -- Intergraph® has introduced new 3D capabilities for its GeoMedia® product line, fully integrating advanced spatial analysis and data capture with the 3D 'virtual earth' style of presentation popular in today's mainstream mapping applications. The combination delivers more precise visualization of surface and environmental characteristics for increased insight, data accuracy and user productivity.

With GeoMedia 3D, users can navigate with full freedom of movement in all dimensions to completely evaluate geospatial assets and analytical results. Governments, businesses and organizations will gain a clearer understanding of visual and map data to reduce errors that can arise from the misinterpretation of images, and make better, faster and more informed decisions. The new functionality will enhance infrastructure management, land information management, geospatial intelligence exploitation and production, cartographic production, public safety and security solutions, and provide more realistic reporting and analysis across all solutions where GeoMedia is deployed.

The Intergraph GeoMedia product suite is a set of well-integrated applications that provide a wide range of geospatial processing capabilities. GeoMedia 3D is a fully integrated, add-on product for the desktop version of GeoMedia that extends the functionality of Intergraph's geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment. GeoMedia 3D provides the ability to visualize, navigate, analyze, manipulate and display 3D data natively in GeoMedia while still leveraging the power and precision of Intergraph's core geospatial solutions.

"Intergraph offers a comprehensive range of geospatially-powered, vertically-tailored solutions for a wide range of industries," said Teresa Smith, senior vice president of product development and support for Intergraph's Security, Government & Infrastructure division. "By fusing multiple data sources together into a single, geo-referenced 3D view, these new capabilities deliver more immediately usable and actionable geospatial information to customers across our public safety and security, defense and intelligence, utilities and communications, government and transportation and photogrammetry business units."

The ability to understand surroundings and visualize terrain assists in making better environment-based decisions and performing more effective real-world assessments. Examples of specific vertical applications include, among many others: 1) strengthening security and military assessment through realistic 3D simulations; 2) evaluating sub-terrain interference for utility lines; 3) creating hotspot maps for crimes and other statistical data; 4) providing visuals of a destination to assist dispatchers; 5) capturing elevation data in realistic 3D views for photogrammetry efforts; 6) assessing the community and environmental impact of government and transportation development projects; and 7) providing the public with project visualization.

With the ability to work in 2D, 3D or both, GeoMedia 3D users experience a flexible visualization environment for a wide range of workflows with the optimal blend of power, visualization and performance. Users can also dynamically integrate surfaces, imagery, feature data and vector data to create a 3D view of all data sources in a GeoMedia 3D map window, enabling rapid assessment of fast-changing conditions. GeoMedia 3D also allows users to import pre-built city models and other readily available 3D files from organizations like Google into their projects, as well as perform fly-throughs of areas of interest and save them as video files for viewing and distribution.

"For more than 40 years, Intergraph has been innovating to meet the emerging needs of our customers," added Smith of Intergraph. "The launch of GeoMedia 3D serves as yet another milestone in our relentless efforts to help customers achieve optimal geospatial environments for continued leadership and success in their respective industries."

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