Geometry Scan Unit determines 3D shape of test objects.

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Suited for Series PSV-400 scanning vibrometer systems, Geometry Scan Unit combines laser range finder with scan mirrors that position vibrometer beam. After defining measurement grid but prior to measuring test object's operational deflection shape, GSU can sample grid and construct geometry file for object. Within minutes 3D geometry model of structure can be plotted to monitor, giving static baseline for observing dynamic vibration of object.

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Polytec, Inc. Introduces the First Geometry Scan Unit for Scanning Vibrometers

February 17, 2005 - Tustin, CA - Polytec, Inc., the leader in the design and manufacture of scanning laser vibrometers for non contact, experimental modal analysis, introduces the first Geometry Scan Unit for the PSV-400 series of advanced scanning vibrometer systems. Designed to experimentally determine the 3-D shape/geometry of test objects, the Geometry Scan Unit (GSU) combines a laser range finder with the scan mirrors that position the vibrometer measurement beam. After defining the measurement grid but prior to measuring the test object's operational deflection shape, the GSU can sample the grid and construct a geometry file for the object. Within minutes the 3-D geometry model of the structure can be plotted to a monitor giving a static baseline for observing the dynamic vibration of the object. This is particularly useful when solid model CAD data isn't available.

Both 1-D and 3-D versions of Polytec's scanning laser doppler vibrometers allow accurate visualization of a structure's vibrational characteristics without the inconvenience of instrumenting with an array of transducers. The new geometry scan unit adds even more convenience and value by permitting users a straight forward approach to determine the test object's geometry, to simplify the alignment of the three separate heads of the 3-D scanning vibrometer and to rapidly set measurement-head focus settings. Applications for the integrated system are many and include markets in automotive, aerospace and defense, transportation, steel fabrication, mechanical and civil engineering, and R&D.

Polytec, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany). The company has delivered high-performance light-based measurement solutions and products for R&D, industrial, medical, automotive, MEMS, semiconductor, photonics and aerospace markets for 30 years. Offering solutions in electro-optical instrumentation, Polytec's commitment to "advancing measurements by light" has earned the company numerous national and international awards. For more information, please visit

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