Geo-Pointing Module automates sensor aiming with GPS.

Press Release Summary:

Calibrated using landmark process, PTU-DGPM controls attached pan-tilt camera, laser, or antenna using standard geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude). It includes built-in web interface for configuration and accepts commands over Ethernet/IP application interface. Capabilities include broadcasting to multiple units, tracking of moving target, and support for applications querying unit for latitude/longitude at which unit is currently pointing.

Original Press Release:

Directed Perception Geo-Pointing Module Automates Sensor Aiming with GPS

Controls pan-tilt camera, laser, or antenna using latitude, longitude coordinates

BURLINGAME, California. April 3, 2006 - Directed Perception, Inc. today announced the availability of its PTU-DGPM Geo-Pointing Module. The Geo-Pointing Module provides automated aiming of attached pan-tilt units using standard geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude). The device includes a built-in web interface for configuration and accepts commands over an Ethernet/IP application interface.

The unit is calibrated using a simple landmark process. Once installed, applications can send latitude/longitude/altitude coordinates to the unit and the Geo-Pointing Module will automatically aim the attached pan-tilt unit (with camera, laser, antenna, or other payload) at the specified location. Commands can be broadcast to multiple units to coordinate aiming multiple sensors at a single location automatically.

The Geo-Pointing Module greatly simplifies systems integration by allowing applications and other system devices to command the sensor aiming simply by sending geo-coordinates. This type of capability has been known previously only in high-end military targeting systems. The Geo-Pointing Module brings this functionality to low-cost surveillance and communications systems in a small, embedded package that operates with any Directed Perception pan-tilt model.

Geo-Pointing Module Makes Sensors Smarter
The Geo-Pointing Module adds intelligence to any pan-tilt controlled sensor allowing applications to provide high-level commands in terms of GPS coordinates instead of relative pointing angles.

Applications can also query the unit for the latitude/longitude at which the unit is currently pointing, simplifying integration with map-based and geo-aware user interfaces and control applications. Multisensor surveillance systems can more easily be integrated to provide advanced functionality. For example, ground radar systems can send target positions directly to pan-tilt cameras equipped with a Geo-Pointing Module to immediately train cameras on detected targets.

Applications and markets include automated test systems, security & surveillance, laser imaging, microwave communications, and military surveillance and force protection systems.

Supports Automated Tracking
Geo-coordinates can be streamed to the Geo-Pointing Module to allow tracking a moving target based on GPS location. The attached pan-tilt unit handles all motion control. The Geo-Pointing Module combined with a pan-tilt unit provides a flexible and configurable geo-tracking system.

Embedded package, small footprint
The Geo-Pointing Module supports system designers with a small, embedded package. Specifications and features include:
o Interfaces: Ethernet (10baseT), RS-232, RS-485
o Power: 9-35VDC
o Temperature: 0-70C (Industrial temperature version available)
o Compact size (approximately 5" x 3.25" x 1.25")
o Compatible with all Directed Perception pan-tilt models
o Built-in Web pages for configuration

Price and Availability
The PTU-DGPM is available now. U.S. pricing is $500 (Quantity 1) for standard configuration.

About Directed Perception, Inc.
Directed Perception is a leading manufacturer of innovative devices and software for the intelligent control and positioning of sensors including video cameras, IR sensors, laser rangers, microwave antennas, thermo-imaging sensors, and more. The Company's products are designed with precision, ruggedness, and low-cost to support demanding applications, such as tracking, in a broad range of OEM and end-user applications. Directed Perception's flagship miniature computer-controlled pan-tilt tracking mount was one of the first of its kind and has been sold to OEMs and end-users worldwide since 1992. The Company's patented products are used in a wide range of industries including Security & Surveillance, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Communications, Military/Aerospace, Law Enforcement, Education, and R&D. Directed Perception customers include industry-leading companies worldwide in aerospace, defense, security & surveillance, robotics and industrial automation. Directed Perception sells its products direct and through distributors and partners worldwide. Directed Perception is privately held and headquartered in Burlingame, in Northern California.


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