Genesis Plastics Welding Makes its RF Sealing Technology Available for License

ecoGenesis Radiofrequency Plastics Welding Technology Answers Charge for PVC Replacement

INDIANAPOLIS (October 14, 2009) - Genesis Plastics Welding, a leading contract manufacturer of radiofrequency (RF) welded products, is now offering its proprietary ecoGenesis(TM) plastics sealing technology for license. This one-of-a-kind technology enables RF welding of materials previously deemed within the plastics welding industry as impossible to RF weld without the addition of toxic plasticizers or additives. ecoGenesis technology enables the elimination of PVC (polyvinylchloride) and PU (polyurethane) in products within industries such as the military, consumer, automotive and medical sectors.

"As worldwide demand to reduce and eliminate the use of PVC increases, manufacturers are challenged to find acceptable alternatives," said Tom Ryder, vice president of sales and marketing for Genesis Plastics Welding. "ecoGenesis allows manufacturers to meet changing market demands, address environmental concerns, potentially lower their manufacturing costs, and increase product performance while using their existing RF systems."

Manufacturers with RF sealing equipment now can apply for a license to employ ecoGenesis in their own facilities. Licensing the technology will deliver direct benefits including the ability to weld lower-cost raw materials, produce higher quality and more attractive welds, and have total control over non-disclosure of manufacturing processes. ecoGenesis is adaptable to existing, stabilized RF machines, thus expanding the use of RF sealing equipment and the eliminating the need to invest in alternative manufacturing resources.

"Traditional RF welding has been limited to the use of polymers with high dielectric loss factors, such as PVC and PU," Ryder stated. "ecoGenesis actually causes more eco-friendly low-loss polymers, like polyethylene and polypropylene, to react to RF welding just like PVC. And without the use of phthalates or toxic plasticizers."

While Genesis' client base is growing in the United States, the company also is receiving significant demand from countries around the globe that have been more aggressive than the U.S. market in eliminating the use of PVC and toxic plastic additives. The Center for Health, Environment and Justice reports that the country of Sweden, more than 60 cities in Spain and at least 274 communities in Germany have imposed restrictions against PVC or have become PVC-free.

"Our ecoGenesis RF welding technology is the answer to increasing retailer, regulatory and public outcries to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of PVC and related toxic chemicals in plastics manufacturing," said Ryder. "Our technology has changed the way plastics products are manufactured today in order to safeguard global health well into the future."

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About Genesis Plastics Welding

Genesis is a plastics welding contract manufacturer specializing in the radiofrequency (RF) welding of thermoplastic products and components for industries including medical, military, automotive, marine and consumer products. Unique to the plastics welding industry, Genesis' proprietary heat sealing technology allows RF welding of polyethylene, polypropylene and nearly any low-loss polymer in film, foam and fabric layers. The technology is ideal for the replacement of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and Polyurethane with "green", phthalate-free plastics as it causes polymers with low dielectric loss factors to respond to RF welding just like PVC. The company's plastics welding technology, ecoGenesis, also aids in cost reduction as it eliminates the need for expensive heat seal additives, accelerates the production process and enables the substitution of lower cost raw materials. Available for private licensing to manufacturers, ecoGenesis can be quickly integrated into any existing RF heat sealing machine. Contact Genesis Plastics Welding, headquartered near Indianapolis, Indiana, at 317-485-7887 or visit

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