Gemini Bakery Equipment Recently Installed an W/P Thermador Tunnel Oven for Neri Bakery

Neri Baking Products, located in NY, recently completed installation of a W/P Thermador tunnel oven.  The W/P Thermador was purchased to produce both hearth and pan specialty rolls. The Thermador is  equipped with a unique heat circulation system that will normally provide our clients with a reduced bake time, and a dramatic reduction of energy usage. The oven has several technology updates like the new Circulation Blower. Fan diameter increased from 15 ¾ inches to 19 ¾ inches. Larger diameter fan for increased volume of circulation and more efficient transfer of energy. Frequency controlled motor for more selective fine tuning of product bake profiles.

About Gemini Bakery Equipment

Gemini is one of the largest suppliers of specialty processing and baking systems for the baking industry in North America. We provide a full range of equipment from flour and ingredient systems manufactured by our KB systems division, dough processing equipment as well as semi- and fully-automated proofing and baking systems. Gemini has maintained long-term relationships with hundreds of specialty bakers since the "early days". We have grown along with our clients, whose own businesses continue to grow and prosper .In 1988, Werner Pfleiderer (WP), the largest German manufacturer of premium bakery equipment, purchased an interest in Gemini and remains a primary source of equipment as well as a shareholder. Gemini continued to expand its manufacturing and sales capabilities by acquiring two domestic companies; Eastern Bakery Systems, located in York, Pennsylvania and KB Bakery Systems, located in Bangor, Pennsylvania. With the acquisition of KB Bakery Systems, Gemini has been able to develop a new line of specialty dough processing equipment including variety roll and pizza make up equipment. Gemini has also created strategic alliances with a number of key foreign and domestic manufacturers such as ABI Ltd. (Canada) and Sveba/Dahlen (Sweden). These unique partnerships have culminated in easily serviceable, "Americanized" bakery equipment that offers the quality, reliability and durability that American bakers have come to trust and rely upon.  Gemini and their strategic partners have the size and financial strength to make ongoing investments in the development of new equipment and technology. Gemini's technical competence, creativity, and product knowledge are its strength. Our Customer Service Department provides a full range of parts and technical support services to assist the hundreds of clients throughout North America.

Gemini Bakery Equipment Company is committed to a process of continuous improvement of its products and services to create higher efficiencies and greater success for its customers.


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